Hanwha Vision understands the unique challenges of keeping customers, staff, and property safe in the banking and financial industries. To that end, we have provided a wide range of full-featured specialty IP camera solutions in form factors that are discreet and adaptable to any environment.

Specialty Devices and Camera Kits for Banking

Hanwha Vision specialty devices include discreet camera housings and kits designed to blend seamlessly into Banking environments while capturing critical information.

Wisenet ATM Camera Kit includes a universal lens mount for our covert camera series that is compatible with most popular ATM models and captures crisp images of ATM users and their surroundings regardless of environmental lighting conditions.

Wisenet 4CH Multi-head camera is cost effective that users can integrate 4CH remote head lens modules on a single body and monitor up to 4 different areas.

Onboard video/audio analytics for immediate response

IP dome cameras in flush mountable and micro-dome form factors provide you with full area coverage without sacrificing environmental aesthetics. Wisenet fisheye camera offers 360° panoramic view with a single camera in full detail.

Hanwha Vision‘s license-free intelligent video and audio analytics technology operates on the edge, alerting operators to abnormal activities in real time. This increase in situational awareness can help to prevent or minimize damage or harm during an event by prompting a rapid and efficient response.

Robust Cybersecurity

Hanwha Vision offers end-to-end cybersecurity with the industry’s highest levels of cybersecurity policy.Especially the Wisenet7 SoC applied cameras acquired the UL CAP (Cybersecurity Assurance Program) certification, an international cybersecurity standards.

As an industry leader in surveillance technologies, Hanwha Vision has taken several steps to ensure that the hardware and software products produced are equipped with protection against cybersecurity threats when deployed, both internally and externally.

  • Complex Password Requirements
  • Authentication and Encryption
  • Network Hardening Guide
  • Dedicated organization for cybersecurity, S-CERT(

Hanwha Vision is the leader in global video surveillance with the world's best optical design / manufacturing technology and image processing technology focusing on video surveillance business for 30 years since 1990.