Multiple Analog Video Systems Transform into Central Network System

Multiple Analog Video Systems Transform into Central Network System

“The comprehensive solution fully met our expectations and allowed us to build a solid foundation for the security systems in future”
– Konovalov Ihor Viktorovich, Director of Security Department, UKRGAZBANK

♦ Challenge
JSB “UKRGASBANK” is a universal bank with a focus on green finance. Established in 1993, 95% of the Bank’s share capital belongs to the State of Ukraine represented by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. UKRGASBANK services around 900 thousand individuals, and over 46 thousand corporate and SME customers.
However, all bank departments were equipped with analog cameras from 5 different manufacturers, and the system had been extended for many years taking long time to investigate incidents.
To optimize video surveillance system for future, having central video surveillance system with IP camera was essential for the bank.

♦ Solution
The cameras selected for the project were Hanwha SND-L6083R dome cameras and SNO-L6083R bullet cameras, total of 1166pcs and 127pcs for each.
In 2016, more than 160 branch offices were equipped with the network video surveillance systems, installed the system core to the Customer’s data processing center (DPC) and deployed a monitoring center in the Customer’s central office. It optimized video stream from cameras, as well as the use of a smart codec, significantly reduced the load on the bank’s network and data storage systems.
The SND-L6083R camera was ideal for video surveillance in cash zones and customers’ service areas, hallway view and barrel distortion correction functions were most appreciated. High performance of built-in infrared (IR) lightning allowed for us to monitor at night at max 15m far. Wide dynamic range (WDR) allowed to carry out full-time surveillance in high quality. Motion detection, tempering, and alarm support satisfied beyond their expectation. SNO-L6083R cameras were delivering the same satisfaction while being installed outside. Selected cameras were delivering high resolution video images with no inferior to the obtained data.
In 2017, the bank additionally planned to equip a video surveillance system in more than 20 branches of the bank.

♦ Result
As a result, the speed of customer request processing at business units and the speed of response to incident responding time have increased. It has become possible to view centralized monitoring 24/7 in both live and recorded video mode, making monitoring and support much easier.
“The comprehensive solution, based on Hanwha Vision and Milestone XProtect platform fully met our expectations and allowed us to put a solid foundation for the development and expansion of the security system in the future” – Konovalov Ihor Viktorovich, the Director of UKRGAZBANK JSB Banking Security Department, said.

Creating the highest level of trust
Bank robbery occurs in cities and towns. This concentration is often attributed to banks in urban areas more, yet the number of bank robberies is higher than the number of branches. “As one of the largest banks in Ukraine, we set ourselves the task to create the highest level of trust from our clients, making their stay in the bank safe and comfortable. Also, by selecting a modern professional equipment, we wanted to not only be able to record events but also become enable to utilize its functions for the Bank development and analysis for delivering better services to customers”, Konovalov said. The average event searching time demand with previous system was about 2 hours, and now it is done within 10 minutes with the new systems by Hanwha Vision.

Making sure of easy use
Hanwha Vision focused on building an integrated system so that customers are able to handle simple and easy video analytics. Even if many features are available, it would not be helpful if customers are feeling complicated of using it. Therefore, the main focus was creating a system that any of users feel comfortable for use. On-site training sessions were provided for the bank security officers for three times for two days after installation. Many questions were thrown during the training, and it was very useful time for understanding of the cameras as well as understanding customer’s needs. Later after the training sessions, Hanwha Vision also provided the product brochure and ‘How to use’ video information to make sure of supportive training.

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