ESG Management

Green management

Safety & health management

Our mission is to become zero risk company

Safety and Health First

We place safety and health as a top management priority and strive to create a safe and healthy work environment.

We provide continuous training to ensure that all employees understand and practice the safety and health management policy.

Safety and Health Compliance

We comply with national and international laws and conventions related to safety and health and fulfill our corporate social and ethical responsibilities.

As a trusted corporation, we establish and enforce the enhanced internal standards to all work and faithfully adhere to it.

Enable Safe and Healthy Workplace

We create a culture of voluntary participation of all employees in safety and health management activities through active communication.

We provide continuous safety and health education to employees and periodically conduct risk assessment and emergency response drills to prevent accidents and disasters.

We strive to prevent illness through minimizing exposure to hazardous environments at work and operating wellness programs.


Practicing Win-Win management

We actively support our partner companies in establishing a safety and health management system by establishing a continuous cooperation system.

Regulation compliance

REACH Compliance Activities

Hanwha Vision Co,Ltd is committed to meeting our legal obligations under REACH about main products and we are working with our suppliers to enable this. Also, our products are not registering obligations about the substance because products are not intended to be released. HTW’s products do not contain substances on the REACH SVHC candidate list in concentrations greater than 0.1% by weight per article.

1. Duty to Communicate information on Substances in Articles (Article 33)

The majority of products and packaging as manufactured and/or supplied by Hanwha Vision Co,Ltd do not contain substances on the REACH SVHC candidate list nor concentrations greater than 0.1% by weight per article. The limited number of articles affected are listed here. In addition, consumers can use the contact us form to submit queries relating to REACH or SVHC.

2. Pre-registration of Substance (on their own, in preparations, in articles)

Hanwha Vision will ensure our suppliers fulfill pre-registration requirements for relevant substance via the only representative model. Only Representatives (OR) are natural or legal persons appointed by non-EU Manufacturers to fulfill the obligations of Importers.

Regulation compliance

RoHS Compliance Activities

Hanwha Vision is proactively responding to both EU RoHS and China RoHS (a Chinese law formally known as “Management Methods for Controlling Pollution by Electronic Information Products”). In compliance with this Direction, we disclose environmental information on all our products. Documents of EU RoHS refer to the Hanwha Vision RoHS Declaration.

Green purchasing

Green purchasing strategies and direction

Hanwha Vision actively pursues various activities to offer eco friendly products to our customers and secure global competitiveness in purchasing. We strive to develop market leading products and services through mutual growth management with suppliers and transparent purchasing.

To fulfill corporate social responsibilities and satisfy the market requests for the environment, we set up a verification process in the product development and design stage to prevent any hazardous materials from being used in our products. When purchasing parts for product lines, we mandate the submission of hazardous material information and evaluate green management capabilities when selecting suppliers and procuring supplies. We encourage purchasing materials with environmental certifications and have been registering in recycling agencies in Europe to enable the simplification of materials for enhanced recyclability.

We aim to enhance the process of eco friendly purchasing and gradually stabilize them, ultimately fulfilling our responsibilities as an environmentally friendly company which helps maintain pleasant lives and clean environment.

Green purchasing

Hanwha Vision green purchasing policy

Hanwha Vision strives to minimize its impact on human bodies and the environment and make efficient use of finite resouces to maintain pleasant lives and the clean environment for the mankind. We comply with the following principles to fulfill our responsibilities as an environmentally friendly company

  • First, we put our priority on the environment and introduce sustainable system for corporate environment management, while contributing to the mankind with clean environment and healthy leaving.
  • Second, we minimize pollutants in all production stages from raw material collection to disposal and concentrate our capabilities in manufacturing environmentally friendly products.
  • Third, we contribute to the local communities by expanding environmental management through green purchasing with suppliers and partner companies.
Eco Product

Eco Product

Hanwha Vision, in an effort to provide customers with environment-friendly products, has been conducting a variety of activities over the entire process of manufacturing. Our environment policy is aimed to ensure a complete process from the development or design process so as to ensure the products contain no hazardous substances, that is “Green Procurement”.

ECO Labeling

Hanwha Vision has been assessing the environmental hazards, and resource and efficiency of products according to the standard it has developed. And the self-declaration environment label is granted to the products with the superior properties proven absolutely or relatively, so that it is easily acknowledged by the end-users.

Eco mark design and concept

Attempt is made to express our commitment to production of environmentally-friendly products, with the letter “e” (referring to environment and ecology) shaped like a tree leaf symbolizing nature, and the inside of the curved line open to the outside signifying the close relations with the outside environment.

Eco Product

Type of Eco mark

Pb-Free Product
RoHS Compliant
Eco Information
  • One not using flame retardant, halogen materials
  • Weighing 20% less than A
  • With the application of lead free soldering technology
  • With the rate of recycling 15% improved

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