ESG Management

Co-prosperity management

Create corporate ecosystem that goes further together

Building a roadmap for mutual growth, Hanwha Vision is committed to creating ‘a corporate ecosystem that goes further together’ through ‘Establishing the foundation for mutual growth’ → ‘Enhancing the competitiveness of suppliers’ → ‘Advancing sustainable growth.’ To strengthen the competitiveness of our suppliers, we operate Co-Work Plaza and involve our secondary and teritary suppliers into our mutual growth programs.

Mutual growth

Lay a foundation for mutual growth

Establish systems for fair trade/subcontractors

  • Settle company-wide culture of fair trade

Discover creative support programs

  • Encourage domestication and active trade among vendors
Enhance the competitiveness of suppliers

Secure the competitiveness in best quality

  • Operate Co-Work Plaza
  • Sharing business expertise of mother company
  • Nurture top class quality/ technology
Advance sustainable growth

Expand and enhance mutual growth

  • Strengthen the market for vendors
  • Increase support for secondary and teritary suppliers

Mutual growth policy

To fulfill the company’s social responsibilities, Hanwha Vision will not purchase materials originated from disputing countries. Meanwhile, It will provide partners with training and advertisements to consistently spread policies on the prohibition of the use of materials from disputing countries.

Hanwha Vision is always opening doorsto suppliers for mutual growth.

Hanwha Vision is the leader in global video surveillance with the world's best optical design / manufacturing technology and image processing technology focusing on video surveillance business for 30 years since 1990.