Hanwha Vision Helps HD Supply “Do More with Less” to Gain Efficient Surveillance Coverage

At a glance

  • Challenge
    Strengthen security and safety at corporate headquarters and across more than 100 distribution centers
  • Solution
    Installed a mix of Hanwha Vision multi-lens and panoramic cameras, PTZ multi-head models, thermal imaging cameras with built-in AI analytics and the WAVE VMS
  • Result
    More efficient use of surveillance cameras, achieving more effective coverage with fewer cameras and increased operational efficiency

HD Supply is doing more with less following its recent surveillance system upgrade to Hanwha Vision cameras and WAVE video management system.

The Orlando, FL-based company is one of North America’s largest industrial distributors, serving customers across the maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) market sector by delivering supplies and services needed to maintain and upgrade multi-family, hospitality, healthcare and institutional facilities. HD Supply has more than 100 distribution centers in North America and Canada and about 11,000 associates.

That scale of operations brings with it varying surveillance challenges, both at its corporate headquarters and each of its distribution centers. The depth of Hanwha Vision’s product line, with its mix of form factors and installation options, was a perfect fit for HD Supply’s unique configuration requirements. HD Supply tested and installed Hanwha Vision multi-lens and panoramic cameras, PTZ multi-head models, thermal imaging cameras with built-in AI analytics and the WAVE Video Management System.

Technologies like multi-directional cameras can help organizations cover large areas more efficiently and get more out of their tech spend. With one device a facility can monitor and record several key areas with unique fields of view for each. Using Hanwha Vision PTZ multi-head cameras to cover corners of buildings, HD Supply can tightly zoom in on a gate, for example, and from that same camera have a full coverage of parking areas.

“By using panoramic models and multi-sensor cameras, we were able to cut the number of cameras we install by nearly 50% on the exteriors of our buildings,” said Patrick Moore, Senior Manager of Corporate Security for HD Supply. “That leads to fewer wire runs, fewer points of failure, and an overall a better view on the outsides of our buildings, and an excellent view of our truck loading docks, shipping docks, and associate parking.”

AI Accuracy

Moore and his team find that the AI-based accuracy of the Hanwha Vision cameras is a significant upgrade. “We’re able to detect a human or a vehicle without issues,” Moore said. “The AI cameras are accurate and deliver the information we need to act upon for any investigative purpose, and the GUIs are intuitive and easy to understand.”

Easy Integration with WAVE VMS

“I’ve used a number of VMSs, and I was pleasantly surprised using WAVE,” Moore said. “I found it to be intuitive, and the combination of live view and recording on the same tab is a refreshing change. I also found that the registration of cameras into the system was a breeze. The first time that I plugged it into the network, everything was just there and ready to go. The rules set-up, the alerts, the alarms were all user-friendly, and I had it set up in my test lab within less than an hour.”

Looking ahead

HD Supply will continue to explore new Hanwha Vision surveillance solutions and Moore is confident the relationship will continue and grow as their needs evolve.

“Since being introduced to Hanwha Vision, our partnership has grown quite a bit,” he said. “Their support, product price point, quality, and configurability are what led us to make a major investment in Hanwha Vision, and I see that continuing in the future.”

Moore added, “Our main vision is protecting people, property, product, and profit. Hanwha Vision has allowed us to do that efficiently and effectively. We have absolutely saved money and gained numerous efficiencies using the Hanwha Vision product line, and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship.”

Hanwha Vision is the leader in global video surveillance with the world's best optical design / manufacturing technology and image processing technology focusing on video surveillance business for 30 years since 1990.