Motor Fuel Group’s EV Charging Hubs – UK

Hanwha Vision Wisenet Cameras Helps Protect
MFG’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Hubs
“As a forward-looking company, MFG has never hesitated to invest in the latest technology to ensure its people, property, and assets are kept safe and that it provides the highest quality of service to its customers. We are delighted with how AGE CCTV and Hanwha Vision are continuing to work in partnership to help us achieve these objectives.”
– Andrew Edwards, group infrastructure director at MFG
♦ Challenge
Motor Fuel Group (MFG), the UK’s largest independent forecourt operator expect the sales of EVs to continue to rapidly increase year-on-year, reflecting the wish of many drivers to own eco-friendly vehicles. This is why MFG has committed to leading the market with the provision of fast, clean and 100% renewable energy.
With the sales of electric vehicles growing, MFG is accelerating its plans to offer ultra-rapid, electric vehicle (EV) charging bays – up to 12 charging bays at each location – across its 900+ station network. MFG recognized the need to quickly identify if any charging equipment has been damaged to maximize the customer experience.
♦ Solution
“We have been installing new video surveillance solutions and upgrading existing systems at MFG forecourts for over 15 years. It was just a simple matter of working with Hanwha Vision’s pre-sales and technical teams in order to specify which Wisenet camera from the company’s extensive range would best assist MFG personnel in observing close up detail of any activity occurring at their EV charging hubs,” said Jason Gargiulo, Managing Director of AGE CCTV, a division of AGE Electrical Services Ltd.
Depending on the number of charging bays at each location, AGE CCTV has installed one or more 5-megapixel Wisenet QNO-8080R bullet cameras. The QNO-8080R is a true day/night camera equipped with built-in IR illuminators, which enables it to capture superb quality images regardless of the lighting conditions. It also benefits from enhanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) which performs at up to 120dB to produce clear images from scenes containing a challenging mix of bright and dark areas. The images are transmitted over 4G technology, and in this respect, the WiseStream II complementary compression technology built into the QNO-8080R is proving to be a significant benefit. Bandwidth efficiency is improved by up to 75% compared to current H.264 technology when WiseStream II is combined with H.265 compression.
♦ Result
With many MFG (EV) charging sites being unmanned, authorized MFG personnel can remotely access the live images captured by the H.265 Wisenet QNO-8080R cameras from a desktop PC by using Hanwha Vision’s management software or conveniently via their smartphones or tablets using the Wisenet mobile app.
MFG personnel can remotely observe clear images of any activity occurring at their EV charging hubs and identify if any charging equipment has been damaged, which is expected to enhance the customer experience.
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