Hanwha Vision’s Commitment to Innovation Is Celebrated By the Video Surveillance Industry

□ Achieved three major award wins over the past three months

□ Won six consecutive GOVIES Awards for video surveillance innovation

□ Named Wesco’s Innovator of the Year Award for ‘FLEX AI’

□ Earned the iF Design Award for Smart Parking Solution’s access control system

Leading organizations across the global video surveillance industry have recognized Hanwha Vision for its commitment to innovation and advancement of AI technology.

Over the past three months, the company has secured three major award wins for its smart parking solutions and its latest AI-enabled video surveillance cameras.

These recent honors include:

  • Sixth Straight GOVIES Government Security Award: For the sixth consecutive year, Hanwha Vision secured the GOVIES Government Security Award, presented by the leading U.S.-based security media outlet – Security Today. The company’s AI-powered, 4-channel multi-directional camera (PNM-C16013RVQ), suited for nearly every industry, was recognized for its exceptional indoor and outdoor monitoring capabilities, compact design, and 360-degree object detection.
  • Wesco International Innovator of the Year: Hanwha Vision’s cloud-enabled solution, FLEX AI earned top honors from Wesco International, one of the world’s leading distributors of B-to-B industrial supplies, logistics services, and supply chain solutions. FLEX AI trains cameras to automatically recognize and detect specific objects such as forklifts, shopping carts, and more within customers’ unique environments with as few as 20 images. For instance, in large retail stores, FLEX AI can train cameras to identify shopping carts, thereby lowering loss rates and preventing safety incidents involving carts.
  • iF (International Forum) Design Award: Hanwha Vision‘s new AI Smart Parking Solution received the prestigious iF Design Award. The integrated parking access control system was praised for its modular design promoting spatial efficiency, touch-less intercom, advanced sensor technology, AI-powered ANPR camera, and seamless cloud integration, all of which enhance user convenience.

A representative from Hanwha Vision remarked, “These accomplishments affirm how we consistently turn our extensive research and development efforts into transformative technologies that deliver us a competitive edge in the global marketplace and superior value to our partners and customers worldwide.”

4-channel multi-directional camera
AI Smart Parking Solution

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