Hanwha Vision T series Wall-mount Cameras Deliver “Eye-level” Surveillance Viewing Angles

5MP AI, IR panoramic cameras combine
security, customer service, and business intelligence

Hanwha Vision, the global vision solution provider, launches new T series wall-mount cameras that solve obstructed-view challenges associated with dome surveillance devices in high overhead mounting positions. The new cameras deliver an “eye-level,” nearly 180° panoramic field of view while capturing detailed 5MP resolution video for accurate people and object identification. 

The T series cameras (model TNV-C8011RW) can fit a range of commercial surveillance applications requiring wide fields of view of any property or establishment without blind spots. Potential installations include gas stations, retail stores, drive-thru lanes, self-checkout kiosks, or other scenarios where users need to clearly see people and vehicles entering and exiting, detect theft and prevent loss, monitor customer activity to take immediate action, and to improve the guest experience.  

“Surveillance dome cameras are often mounted high, which creates sharp viewing angles that make it difficult to identify people as they move closer to the camera,” said Ramy Ayad at Hanwha Vision. “The T series offers a more natural, realistic view to detect key details that might otherwise be obstructed or not even visible.”  

The T series wall-mount cameras are equipped with AI-based object detection to reduce false alarms and also generate metadata that can be used to streamline forensic searches. The use of WiseStream III compression technology enables more efficient video management by reducing bandwidth by up to 80% without compromising the video quality. AI-powered wide dynamic range (WDR) and noise reduction technology combine to produce crisp imagery even in challenging lighting. 

Security teams can use the camera’s built-in analytics to set up virtual areas and lines, and receive alerts when classified objects or people enter, exit, intrude or loiter in designated locations requiring authorized access. The camera’s AI engine also features analytics related to facility occupancy levels, people or vehicle counting, queue management, heatmapping and other trackable statistics useful for improving customer service and generating actionable business insights. 

The new camera’s IR performance allows night viewing at up to 15 meters and close-up imaging without oversaturation. A lens tilt of ±25° allows users to customize their viewing angle to fit any environment. The T series wall-mount cameras feature a built-in microphone allowing users to hear any activity near the camera. 

Hanwha Vision is the leader in global video surveillance with the world's best optical design / manufacturing technology and image processing technology focusing on video surveillance business for 30 years since 1990.