Shaping Hanwha Vision’s Path Forward: Revealing Our Strategic Vision with Our New Executives

Meet Our Key Appointments: Choong Hoon Ha as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, and Kichul Kim as Chief Strategy Officer

Steering Our Future: Two Seasoned Leaders Driving the Company’s Growth and Vision


Kichul Kim (Left), Hanwha Vision’s Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), and Choong Hoon Ha, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO), shake hands.

After achieving the impressive milestone of surpassing 1 trillion KRW in annual revenue last year, Hanwha Vision is not slowing down. The first half of this year has seen consistent double-digit growth, firmly establishing the company as a leader in the industry. Notably, in March, the company underwent a strategic transformation, rebranding from Hanwha Techwin to Hanwha Vision. This rebrand signifies their unwavering commitment to pioneering innovation in the next-generation vision solutions sector on a global scale.

Amid these promising advancements and heightened expectations, Hanwha Vision is entering a new phase with the strategic appointment of two outstanding leaders, Choong Hoon Ha and Kichul Kim, to the critical roles of Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, respectively.

This strategic decision serves as a cornerstone in strengthening the company’s long-term viability and ensuring the continued pursuit of its strategic vision: becoming a global leader in vision solutions. As Hanwha Vision continues to execute its mid-to-long-term strategies, these newly appointed executives are well-prepared to leverage their expertise to the fullest.

We recently had the privilege of speaking with these distinguished leaders at Hanwha Vision R&D Center in Korea, where they shared their visions and outlined their collaborative strategies.


Anticipating Synergy from Their Leadership in the Americas and Unique Strengths

One common thread among these executives is their past roles as presidents of Hanwha Vision America, overseeing the company’s largest market in the Americas.

Kichul Kim, Hanwha Vision’s Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Kim, who followed Soonhong Ahn, CEO of Hanwha Vision, as President of Hanwha Vision America, emphasized, “Our success relied on an assertive sales approach that was carefully tailored to the specific geographic and regulatory differences in the Americas. Hanwha Vision’s strong business ecosystem, marked by quick assessments of customer needs and proactive solutions, has produced impressive results.”

Ha, the current Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, who took over from Kim in 2021, shared, “To maintain our growth and build upon the solid strategic foundation established by Ahn and Kim, we’ve infused our efforts with technological innovation. Alongside expanding our sales initiatives, we’ve invested in cutting-edge cybersecurity, AI, and cloud technologies.”

While both leaders share a common view of the Americas market as a leader in the security industry, their strengths and expertise differ. Ha, who began his career as a regional sales manager for Asia and Africa at Samsung Electronics in 2002, brings over 22 years of industry experience, earning him recognition as a seasoned security expert. On the other hand, Kim’s background includes roles in Hanwha Group’s Planning Office and Business Audit Team, where he provided financial insights, oversaw manufacturing, managed overseas subsidiaries, and devised strategies for excellence. Kim’s extensive experience positions him as a visionary strategist with exceptional business acumen, ready to drive Hanwha Vision’s ongoing success.


Enhancing Scalability in Hanwha Vision’s Business Solutions Through Strategic Sales and Implementation

In Hanwha Vision’s medium to long-term plan, both executives have a shared goal: expanding video surveillance solutions and creating new business opportunities.

Ha explains, “As a global leader in vision solutions, our main goal at Hanwha Vision is to build businesses that can grow and provide solutions that go beyond what our customers expect. Let’s take SightMind, for instance, a business insight solution that received great feedback at GSX 2023. It gathers a wide range of vision data, similar to what human eyes see, from devices like AI cameras and IoT sensors. These applications can recognize events, features, and AI training solutions. We’ll closely examine this data and make it more valuable by offering practical insights and important information to our customers’ businesses.”

Choong Hoon Ha, Hanwha Vision’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO)

Kim adds, “We’ve seen several successful solutions and business expansions in the Korean market lately, like our collaboration with CJ Logistics to create the Hanwha Vision Logistics Solution (HVLS). AI, trained on data from logistics operations, not only allows real-time detection and management of on-site risks but also adds value to businesses with features like parcel tracking using CCTV with barcode recognition technology, which provides high-quality data.”

Moreover, Hanwha Vision’s residential service platform, Mopl, a product of the company’s extensive knowledge and technology, has received praise for offering personalized parking management solutions and community services to residents, improving their overall convenience and satisfaction. Building on these achievements, we are committed to strengthening solutions tailored to specific regions, not only in Korea but also in the global market, as we strategically expand our focus to embrace new business opportunities.


Pioneering Hanwha Vision’s Future: A Unified Vision for Global Leadership

Ha, renowned for his expertise as a security specialist, and Kim, celebrated for his track record of driving rapid growth, form an inseparable team ready to propel Hanwha Vision to new heights.

Ha explains, “Since 2019, we’ve been at the forefront of technology, establishing a dedicated AI research institute to lead cutting-edge AI innovations. Our main focus will be on sales and marketing, where we’ll highlight our various vertical solutions, including the highly acclaimed SightMind solution, which made a significant impact at this year’s GSX.”

“As the Chief Strategy Officer, I’m excited about technologies that simplify server management, as seen with our industry-first SSD-based camera, SolidEDGE, which generated excitement at GSX. My role involves shaping a sustainable business strategy that aligns with global trends and addresses the complexities of long-term management,” Kim clarifies.

With the steadfast commitment of these new leaders, Hanwha Vision anticipates continued growth in the Americas and an expanded global presence.

Kichul Kim (Left), Hanwha Vision’s Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), and Choong Hoon Ha, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO), chat at the Hanwha Vision Experience Center in Korea.

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