Hanwha Vision and CJ Logistics Establish an Exemplary Case of Technological Innovation in the Logistics Industry

Applying Hanwha Vision’s core competitiveness, its vision solution, to the logistics industry… HVLS, a total video solution for logistics, enables cargo tracking and safety and fire monitoring at the same time

Supporting CJ Logistics in enhancing customer value capabilities through continuous cooperation, including the development of security cameras with built-in barcode recognition technology


CJ Logistics Mega Hub Gonjiam Terminal

Hanwha Vision, the global vision solution provider, is collaborating with CJ Logistics to establish an exemplary case of technological innovation in the logistics industry with AI-based video surveillance technology.

Since 2019, Hanwha Vision has been providing a video surveillance system at the CJ Logistics’ Mega Hub Terminal in Gonjiam, South Korea, the largest of its kind in Asia, to establish a top-notch security environment appropriate for its cutting-edge automated facilities.

Building upon over three decades of expertise in optical design, manufacturing, and image-processing technology, Hanwha Vision has recently unveiled Hanwha Vision Logistics Solution (HVLS), creating an environment for CJ Logistics to establish an AI-based logistics video system that enables cargo tracking and monitoring for safety and fire at the same time.

HVLS leverages a combination of parcel barcode scanning and AI and video search technologies to swiftly assess and analyze the status and path of cargo during the delivery process. Hanwha Vision will further enhance the cargo tracking capabilities of HVLS by developing cameras equipped with barcode recognition technology to integrate the barcode recognition feature into security cameras.

The security cameras with built-in barcode readers will automatically identify cargo barcodes on conveyor belts, and AI technology learns them to track and manage their real-time movements. With just inputting the waybill number, CJ Logistics will be able to retrieve the most recent cargo footage within seconds, ensuring faster and more accurate responses to customer inquiries.

Moreover, Hanwha Vision has developed a video solution for detecting safety incidents and fires and integrated it into HVLS. This innovative system identifies fire hazards such as flames and smoke or workers not wearing safety helmets and vests and automatically broadcasts warnings. If a worker falls, the system promptly detects the danger, ensuring swift responses. This comprehensive approach has enabled CJ Logistics to reduce the risk of accidents and establish a responsive system for emergencies.

“Together with CJ Logistics, a leading company in the logistics sector in Korea, we are pioneering new technological innovations in the Korean logistics industry,” said Man-Geun Cho, Head of Korea Sales Department at Hanwha Vision. “We are committed to actively supporting CJ Logistics in enhancing customer experiences and strengthening safety by advancing our logistics video total solution.”

Hanwha Vision’s AI-based security cameras enable us to promptly and accurately assess situations and implement preventive safety solutions through historical pattern analysis. Leveraging this solution, we aim to secure high-quality data and build a logistics infrastructure that enhances our customer value capabilities,” added Kyunghoon Kim, Director of TES Logistics Technology Research Institute at CJ Logistics.

Hanwha Vision is the leader in global video surveillance with the world's best optical design / manufacturing technology and image processing technology focusing on video surveillance business for 30 years since 1990.