Innisfree – Vietnam

Hanwha Vision’s ‘Retail Solution’provides business intelligence for efficient operation of Innisfree stores in Vietnam

Global security company Hanwha Vision has installed Wisenet Retail Solution for Korea’s No. 1 cosmetics brand innisfree for its stores in Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang in Vietnam.

♦ Challenge
Korea’s K-beauty brands are sweeping the global market. This trend for Korean cosmetics is also prevalent in Vietnam, where Korean beauty products are hugely popular. Korea’s leading beauty brand innisfree has expanded into the Vietnamese market where it operates 10 stores. Officials at innisfree wanted to use visual data of store visitors to make effective business strategies.
♦ Solution
Innisfree initially installed Hanwha Vision’s Retail Insight v2.0, 6MP fisheye cameras (XNF-8010R), and 2MP dome cameras (XND-6010) in stores of Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang in Vietnam. Retail Insight, a solution for franchise retail, uses visual data taken from security cameras to provide valuable business intelligence. It supports People counting to measure the number of customers in a store and Heatmap with Timelapse feature to estimate high dwell times and their locations through an intuitive interface. Store operators can use this information to assist with timely product placement decisions and identify popular products. The information can be utilized to analyze the number of visitors during a certain time such as in the morning after store opening, the number of visitors per store, or hotspots within a store.
Wisenet Retail Insight offers centralized management of multiple stores, enabling effective integrated monitoring by combining Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang stores to others if the solution is installed in other stores. Mobile devices can be used to check the status or information of stores in real-time.

Wisenet Retail Insight also offers a range of valuable features.

  • User friendly UI – Users can easily add or edit menus and freely locate data as they want.
  • Queue management – Measure waiting time in real time to deploy staff to the counter for more efficient management of queue line
  • Reports – Provide reports of people counting, heatmap and queue management for a certain date or a store
  • Weather information – Provide real-time weather information in store’s location

♦ Result
Wisenet Retail Solution installed in innisfree stores in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam is not only providing real-time monitoring of customer safety but also increasing efficiency with critical data. Officials at innisfree said “We have high expectations on Hanwha Vision’s retail solution as it can help identify main customers per store and sophisticate our business strategies such as placement of products to achieve more effective store operation.” and added, “Based on the results of two stores, we plan to install the solution in other stores in Vietnam for integrated monitoring.”

  • Project_Retail_Innisfree_Vietnam.pdf (660 KB)