Justice Cannabis’ growing business is secure through Hanwha Vision products

At a glance

  • Challenge
    Justice Cannabis needed to secure a cannabis operation encompassing several states and state laws.
  • Solution
    They installed Hanwha Vision’s 5MP dome cameras, 4K AI cameras, XNF-8010R fisheye infrared cameras, QND-8080R varifocal dome cameras, and PNM-9084RQZ PTRZ multi-directional cameras at existing and new facilities.
  • Result
    Hanwha Vision’s cameras have helped identify illegal activity like straw purchasing while increasing ease of use.

Justice Cannabis relies on Hanwha cameras to keep things safe, secure and legal

The cameras were so clear we could see the license plate numbers. We actually saw hand-to-hand dealing. It was phenomenal

Stuart Johnson
National director of security for Justice Cannabis


Justice Cannabis currently employs approximately 300 people, but Johnson says the company will likely double within the coming year. “We cover all facets of the cannabis industry,” he says. “We have cultivation, manufacturing and labs, as well as retail. We grow our own products and distribute them as well.”

Securing a cannabis operation that encompasses several states — and state laws — with both growing and retail facilities is no easy feat.

There are many regulatory aspects that impact the security side of cannabis operations, including retention length of video; camera angles; and access control — especially in Illinois. We have to announce to the state who is coming in and out of our location,” Johnson said. “Generally, states look at a visitor log after the fact; but Illinois and Massachusetts want to know beforehand who is coming to see you outside of the previously vetted third-party people delivering things.”

Johnson turned to a security integrator partner, John Rodhouse of Spartan Security, for help. About a year ago, the company transitioned from doing tech rollouts to also specializing in cannabis security.


Prior to Johnson coming on board, Justice already had a collection of various cameras from different manufacturers; but Johnson felt they weren’t up to the job and encouraged the company to standardize going forward on the Hanwha line, including the 5MP dome and 4K AI cameras for most of the daily needs in the retail environment; XNF-8010R fisheye infrared cameras; QND-8080R vari-focal domes over the cash registers; and PNM-9084 RQZ motorized PTRZ cameras for exterior corners to get a good view from all sides of the buildings.

They have also used P Series AI cameras which include the ability to capture and search for unique personal attributes such as color of clothing, wearing of glasses, carrying a bag, and approximate age and gender in showrooms to help track and review any incidents.

Justice Cannabis uses Milestone for its VMS. Along with the cameras, this integration has been helpful in catching some unlawful activity, Johnson says.

For example, at one location, the cameras were able to pick up activity in the parking lot when the Utah facility employees suspected several people of straw purchasing for medical marijuana, then selling it for recreational purposes in the parking lot. Upon review of the footage, they were able to identify them on camera. “The cameras were so clear we could see the license plate numbers,” Johnson says. “We actually saw hand-to-hand dealing. It was phenomenal.”


The Hanwha cameras have been in place for less than a year, but Johnson is pleased with the results so far. He particularly likes the fisheye cameras. “One of the cool things about Hanwha is the fisheye with the de-warping,” he says. “That is phenomenal as an investigator to get the right angles on things and paint a whole picture.”

His officers also prefer the Hanwha cameras to the previous brands. “The feedback I get is the officers using Hanwha cameras are really pleased with their ease of use. But that’s certainly not the case for any of the any of the other cameras we are using.”

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