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The Way We Work

Hanwha is looking for talented people, who share our core values such as a challenging spirit, dedication and integrity, and can act on those values.

People with a Challenging Spirit

Such people, instead of settling for the existing standards, pursue the best through changes and innovation.

  • 1. They actively develop themselves to become the best professional in their area.
  • 2. They find out new opportunities and ways with an open mind and creative thinking.
  • 3. They set and achieve challenging goals with an “I can do it” spirit.
People who Demonstrate Dedication

Such people try their best for the greater good while thinking highly of relationships with companies, customers and colleagues.

  • 1. They think about “we” first and make common goals their first priority.
  • 2. They value the promises made with customers and create customer values continuously.
  • 3. They work together and believe in their colleagues based on team spirit.
People of Integrity

Such people act properly based on principles and their sense of pride.

  • 1. They act honestly following principles without tempting to immediate gains.
  • 2. They treat other people fairly and transparently based on their ability and performance regardless of their feelings toward them.