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Keep your homes secure and safe with Hanwha Vision’s Residential Complex Solution.

Products for Front∙Rear Gate/Exterior


Efficient management of entry & exit,

Front∙Rear Gates/Exterior

* Availability may vary by region

License plate number recognition

– The LPR (License Plate Recognition) solution gathers log data such as vehicle license plate number and entry/exit time

– Built-in IR LEDs help identify license plates at night

– Prevent entrance of blacklisted and unauthorized vehicles

Monitoring without blind spots

– A single multi-directional camera can offer omnidirectional monitoring without blind spots both in day and night

– Detect sounds such as scream or glass breakage and send out event alarms prompting a rapid response

– Sky-view cameras can be installed at the rooftop for general view covering outside of the complex

Providing 24/7 monitoring in clear images,

Parking lots

Excellent night monitoring performance

– Deliver bright color images in low light conditions or at nighttime enabling close monitoring of various incidents within parking lots

Intelligent analysis

– Detect and analyze sounds such as glass breakage or scream to facilitate rapid response to accidents

Products for Parking lots

Products for Common Entrance & Emergency Stairwell

Where home security begins,

Common Entrance & Emergency Stairwell

Clear images even in backlit and low light environments

– At the common entrance with excessive sunlight and in darkened emergency stairwell, backlight compensation, IR, and noise reduction technologies provide high quality images

Video surveillance optimized for narrow space

– Hallway view optimizes monitoring performance even in narrow corridors, entrances and stairwell by generating images in 9:16 aspect ratio

Ensuring passenger safety,


Rapid detection and response to accidents in a closed space

– When screaming is detected in elevators, sound classification and identification can trigger alarms and inform the current floor to central management office

A wide viewing angle minimizes blind spots

– A wide angle camera offers effective monitoring of inside elevators with minimized blind spots

Products for Elevators


Products for Recycling area


Prevent unauthorized dumping,

Recycling Area

Monitoring unauthorized dumping

– Monitoring area can be configured over unauthorized dumping hotspots with voice warning activated when a new object is detected

– Event alarms are sent to the management office in case of an unauthorized dumping occurs, enabling 24/7 monitoring

Round-the-clock monitoring on safety,


Reliable monitoring on safety regardless of the environment

– Built-in IR, defog feature and wipers provide clear footage at night or on dusty, foggy and rainy days

Response to accidents enabled by intelligent audio analysis

– When accidents occur on playgrounds, sounds such as scream is detected and analyzed generating event alarms, enabling rapid response to accidents

Real-time monitoring on TV screens

– With the use of system integration, video footage of children playing safely in the playground is transmitted to TV screens of each residence

Products for Perimeter and Playground

Products for Electrical·Mechanical Room

Central to managing residential facilities and equipment, 

Electrical·Mechanical Room

Equipment security monitoring

– IR and thermal cameras enable monitoring in low light environments

– Thermal cameras can detect fire or abnormal temperature changes in equipment, facilitating rapid response

Intrusion detection with intelligent analysis

– Virtual lines are created within unauthorized areas and send immediate alarms when intrusion occurs

– When a person is loitering in facilities beyond the set time limit or an intruder vandalizes security cameras, alarms are immediately generated in the management office to facilitate swift response

Residential Complex security hub,

Management·Security Office

Efficient bandwidth reduction using video compression technology

– WiseStream, Hanwha Vision’s advanced video compression technology, dynamically reduces the bandwidth allowing effective storage use

Integrated security with various solutions

– Integrated with various security systems in a residential complex such as elevator floor display, sound analysis, and license plate number recognition

Integrated surveillance for residential complex with efficiency

Hanwha Vision’s integrated surveillance solution SSM offer simultaneous monitoring of a large complex

– Smart search effectively searches footage by date, time or event

Products for Management∙Security Office


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