[Wisenet mobile v2.0 or higher] Please tell us main improvement.

■ Main improvement
1) UX/UI new improvement : User convenience
. App. Password changed to 4 digits.
. QR→ Scan→ Manual, Add Equipment priority changed
. Live access to the channel selected in device mode
. Available to register the desired channel in My channel mode

2) Hardware decoding new function added
. Decoding by using Smart phone GPU performance (depending on Smart phone performance)
※ Android : Hardware decoding / software decoding option
Ios : Hardware decoding applies default.

3) PIP new function added
.The function to show the currently playing or the first channel live PIP when accessing to Playback

4) Muti Playback improvement
. Before: 4CH multi playback Key frame is only playing in the same equipment
. Improved: 4CH multi playback full frame can play in the same equipment
※ For key frame (Off) at option, full frame playing but if (On), I-frame plays

5) Event search function enhanced
. Before: Event search is available only in Playback
. Improved: Event search UI added in Main Screen “

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