[Wisenet mobile v2.0 or higher] When an event occurs, the event notification function not available to receive at mobile viewer.

1) When registering at mobile viewer, use QR code to receive the event notification function.
※ Besides the equipment registration using a QR code, the manual registration is available by entering DDNS ID, IP etc.
→ in case of manual registration, it is not possible to use event notification function.
2) If HTTPS is set at storage device, P2P communication is not supported.

– Set P2P as ‘ON’ when setting storage device. (If ON already, turn it Off and then turn it On again)
– After checking the HTTPS setting at storage device, change it with HTTP (HTTPS OFF / HTTP ON)
– At Wisenet mobile, use QR code to re-register NVR.
– After NVR registration, set Notification ON -> Notification setting by equipment at the setting screen.”

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