[NVR] HDD Replacement Guide for RAID Operations

■ When using a RAID 5/6, mixing HDD with different manufacturers or different capacities is not recommended as a reliability issue.

EX) If HDD capacity is different, it can be operated as below.

– Lower capacity HDD replacement than failed HDD → RAID is not rebuilding.

– Higher capacity HDD replacement than failed HDD → RAID can rebuild. However, it can be operated as much as the HDD capacity that was used before.

※ Precautions

1) If the same model cannot be replaced due to HDD discontinuation, we recommend using the same manufacturer and the same capacity.

For stable equipment operation, it is recommended to have the same HDD in stock in advance.

2) If one HDD is replaced due to a failure while using RAID, automatic recovery mode is executed and a recovery action warning is issued.

3) RAID Rebuilding is not possible if more than one HDD fails while using RAID. (RAID 5)

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