Izmir Full Adaptive Traffic Management system – Turkey

Izmir Full Adaptive Traffic Management system
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“In total,1,500 buses as well as 100 ambulances and 164 fire trucks will wirelessly communicate with signalized crossroads…”
♦ Challenge
Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey with a population of around 4 million, the second biggest port after Istanbul, and a very good transport hub. The fact that almost half of its population are under the age of 30, makes İzmir a city full of life. The city hosts tens of thousands of university students, educates scientists, artists, business leaders and academics. It is a rapidly growing city on the Central Aegean coast of Turkey. As a consequence, traffic is congesting of course. Besides improving the coordination of metros, buses and urban ferries, the city of Izmir decided to invest in its road infrastructure. Hanwha has deployed the cameras in support of a Full Adaptive Traffic Management system.
♦ Solution
Hanwha SNP-6320Hs, the full HD 32x optical zoom PTZ camera, were placed through out the Izmir city. Up to 2 megapixel high resolution not only provides clear image monitoring but also made it possible to recognize far distanced objects with powerful 32x optical zoom. Intelligent auto tracking function lets the camera recognize and follow moving objects, so that user can monitor strange object in detail without the need for operator, freeing them up to manage other cameras in the vicinity.
In preset mode, SNP-6320H can rotate 700° per second pan/tilt that’s twice in a second. This high-speed pan/tile functionality assists in the instant monitoring of an area triggered by alarm presets making it ideal for monitoring cities, airports and ports. It is also designed to reliably function in the extreme environments. It fully operates in the temperature range from -50° to 55°, raining or very high humidity condition. Also vandal-resistant casing can protect against external stimulus.
The SRN-4000 is able to simultaneously record and multi-stream the transmission of images at a high bandwidth speed of 400Mbps. It also offers the potential to record and store video captured by 64 x 2 Megapixel cameras for up to 108 days, via 12 internal hard drives.
♦ Result
The Full adaptive Traffic Management system provides real-time integrated traffic management as a means of reducing traffic jams and increasing road safety. Hanwha’s SNP-6320H plays as a smart communicator on the road even without wireless condition, watching over the all traffic flows and signals, providing the best real-time adjustment to minimize the traffic congestion while creating safe environment for parking areas with auto-tracking function. With the best support of the recorder SRN-4000, the total city traffic monitoring became easy for the people working in a control room. The Full Adaptive Traffic Management system has been implemented by EDS Elektronik, a Hanwha distributor in collaboration with Mavi Güvenlik.
SNP-6320H PTZ Minimizing the traffic congestion
The Hanwha SNP-6320H Full HD 32 x optical zoom PTZ speed domes installed at key locations throughout the city provide high definition images in support of field devices such as detectors, signal transmitters, traffic signals and control devices. Collectively, they provide the ability to measure the volume of traffic at crossroads and enable signal times to be adjusted in real-time in order to minimize traffic congestion.
Auto-tracking & more features
The SNP-6320Hs, which have an auto-tracking feature, are weatherproof and have heaters powered by PoE+ to withstand extremely low temperatures, as well as a Digital Image Stabilisation feature which negates the effects of vibration. The images captured by the SNP-6320Hs are recorded onto Hanwha’s award winning SRN-4000 64 channel Network Video Recorders (NVRs). These are able to simultaneously record and multi-stream the transmission of images at a high bandwidth speed of 400Mbps and have a large onboard storage capacity via 12 hot-swappable internal hard drives. Power reliability is enhanced by way of a dual power supply.
Images captured by the cameras are transmitted to a control room. They can also be viewed by the general public via the web, TV, Internet and social media channels.
Supporting the public transportation and emergency service vehicles with Wireless Communication
The Hanwha SNP-6320H speed domes are also helping the city of Izmir to monitor the movement of public transport and emergency service vehicles. In total,1,500 buses as well as 100 ambulances and 164 fire trucks will wirelessly communicate with signalized crossroads and their movements will be monitored with the help of the speed domes, as part of a traffic priority system.
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