Samsung Techwin, 10th Distributor Conference

On April 20th, Samsung Techwin launched its 10th Distributor Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The conference took place over 4 days and 3 nights.

For the past 10 years, Samsung Techwin has invited all distributors of its products in the Asia-Pacific, MEA(Middle-East Asia & Africa) and CIS regions to the conference, at which the sales performance over the past year is reviewed, medals are awarded to key performers and time is taken to introduce and teach the distributors about the new products that are about to be released. In addition, Samsung Techwin provides a regional tour program to distributors invited in return for their hard work with appreciation.


This year, all of Samsung Techwin’s AMs and distributors in the Asia-Pacific, MEA(Middle-East Asia & Africa), CIS regions gathered in Chiang Mai again, and were able to talk with each other about things they normally couldn’t due to the physical distance. They also received information about the latest trends in each regional market and gave fresh feedback on the products to Samsung Techwin, information and feedback they can use in the development of new products.


Among the products launched this year, WiseNet Lite camera series and PoE NVR model attracted the attention of distributors. “Following the success of WiseNetIII, it is quite astonishing that Samsung Techwin has launched the WiseNet Lite and PoE NVR products, which offer not only reasonable prices, but also outstanding quality and customer convenience,” said one distributor, impressed by the trial performance of the new products.

In addition, there was an event to introduce the 4 major verticals selected by Samsung Techwin, which were retail, banking, city surveillance and rail. The goal of this event was to provide useful information that will enable distributors to communicate with customers and attract them with more effective sales pitches by explaining what needs are identified in each vertical category, which products among those launched by Samsung Techwin are applied to the applications in each vertical category and with which those products interoperate. The final event in the conference this year was the group tour in Chiang Mai.


This interactive annual event is considered to help in maximizing the relationship between Samsung Techwin and distributors in Asia-Pacific region, and is Samsung Techwin’s leading loyalty program.

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(Source : a&s Asia, Corporate News, June 2015, #113 )

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