Hanwha Techwin unveils the world’s first 8K super-high-resolution camera

Hanwha Techwin unveils the world’s first
8K super-high-resolution camera


– 33 million pixels for the highest resolution camera to date
– Four times higher in pixels than UHD camera…superb quality in any area of an image
– Ideal for monitoring large areas such as stadiums, plazas and urban centers

Global security company Hanwha Techwin launched the world’s first 8K super-high-resolution network camera Wisenet TNB-9000.
The new TNB-9000 is equipped with a full-frame 43.3mm *CMOS sensor (a device converting light captured by lenses into electronic signals) to offer sharp images in 8K (7,680×4,320) resolution of approximately 33 million pixels. It provides images that are four times clearer than those of 4K UHD camera (about 8 million pixels), also known as ‘high resolution CCTV.’
Although global companies in Europe or the US have been strong in the high resolution FHD or UHD CCTV market, Hanwha Techwin is the first to launch 8K super-high-resolution network camera.
If the camera is installed near stands behind home plate of a baseball stadium, it can capture the clothing or even facial expressions of a person sitting at the opposite outfield stands (around 150m away). If installed in urban centers, the camera can read license plates of moving vehicles on the road in real time.
The camera is ideal for covering large areas such as stadiums, airports or urban areas with its ability to digitally zoom in to any area of an image without losing details.
A single camera can monitor large areas in superb image quality, making it an efficient alternative for applications where installing multiple cameras may be impractical or cost prohibitive.
It supports Canon EF mount lenses to give customers exceptional flexibility in lens options for various user environments.
This latest camera is also equipped with cutting edge AI technologies. The AI algorithms can analyze detected objects by properties such as gender, clothing color and vehicle type to help users search images easier and faster. It also supports BestShot, which captures the best still cuts of the classified objects. This can be utilized as forensic data for accident investigations.
An official at Hanwha Techwin said“TNB-9000 represents Hanwha Techwin’s world class and industry-leading technologies.” He went on to say “Through continuous R&D, we are committed to providing differentiated products and solutions that customers can trust.”
Hanwha Techwin is taking a leap forward as a global company with its competitiveness in video processing and optical technologies and continuous investment. Its comprehensive video surveillance solution business includes security cameras, video recorders and integrated management software.

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