Highlights Full Line of Intelligent Surveillance Solutions at intersec Dubai 2023

Hanwha Techwin highlights diverse range of

intelligent security solutions during intersec Dubai 2023



On January 17th 2023, Hanwha Techwin highlights diverse range of intelligent video surveillance solutions during intersec Dubai 2023, booth #SA-E27, at Dubai World Trade Centre. At intersec Dubai 2023, Hanwha Techwin showcased new AI solutions and industry-specific solutions enabled by AI video analytics under the theme, “New and Innovative AI solutions”.


Hanwha Techwin’s premium AI cameras provide cutting-edge AI analytics based on deep learning technology. This advanced technology, which detects both people and vehicles, can even classify an individual’s gender, age range and clothing color as well as a vehicle’s color, type and license plate number providing the user with a range of important information.

A variety of industry solutions composed of AI cameras also drew positive responses from visitors. Wisenet Road AI, an intelligent traffic solution which swiftly analyzes not only vehicle type, color and license plate number but also its brand and model. And this solultion also supports license plate recognition of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries; Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia that sparked particular interest from event attendees. This new feature allows users to easily search for video footage using vehicle attributes. 

“Edge-AI adoption is expanded into Hanwha Techwin’s broad lineup and solution and AI based applications can be offered to meet environmental requirements in the ME region customers. We will join as a strong partner who provides customized solutions to maximize customer benefits.” Sungjae Lee, managing director of Hanwha Techwin Middle East FZE. said.

The Hanwha Techwin products introduced and on display at intersec include:

P / X / Q series AI cameras


∙ AI algorithms built into P series AI cameras are able to dramatically help improve operator efficiency.
∙ P series AI cameras differentiates what it sees into broad categories such as ‘Person’, ‘Face’, ‘Vehicle’ and ‘license plate’. Delving deeper, AI algorithms are quickly and accurately able to identify the differenthat only the most suitable images of classified objects are sent to the backend server. 

∙ X series lineup brings the power of AI to Hanwha Techwin’s popular X series.
∙ X Core and X Plus series of cameras, both feature a powerful suite of in-camera AI powered analytics that improve operator efficiency for both real-time event notification and post-event search.
∙ Soon to be luanched on Q1 2023, Q series AI cameras detect person and vehicle.


Solution for Middle East region

Road AI solution including GCC countrie’s LPR

The Road AI equipped with edge-based AI technology is a line of optimized solutions for traffic management. It features accurate LPR(License Plate Recognition)/ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and MMCR (Make, Model, Color Recognition) in which powerful AI deep learning algorithms allow recognition of vehicle brands, models, and colors.
∙ Through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing, the BestShot images of the license/number plates are converted into machine re
adable text and numbers. Vehicle classification of seven types: CAR, SUV, VAN, LCV, TRUCK, BUS, Motorcycle, and data collection of driving directions empower easy and efficient event/object search.
∙ It also support license plate of GCC(Gulf Cooperation Council) countries; Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia.


Fallen waste detection solution

Up to 4ea of Hanwha 4K AI camera, PNV-A9081R installed on the garbage truck and detect fallen waste in real time such as bulk waste, green waste, sand, water, sign board.
∙ AI camera and mobile NVR, TRM-410S with GPS integrated to send GPS location and the image via 4G mobile router to the Wisenet SSM or 3rd party system.

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