Hanwha Techwin Employees to Pitch Ideas to Enhance Video Surveillance Solutions

Hanwha Techwin Employees to Pitch Ideas
to Enhance Video Surveillance Solutions

Global video solution company Hanwha Techwin revealed on Nov 2nd it held the Inside-Techwinner competition to give employees the opportunity to pitch their business ideas and develop them into products.

Hanwha Techwin designed the program to encourage employees’ active participation in business in an era where the competition for creative solution development is accelerated as the fourth industrial technologies such as AI are applied to Surveillance cameras.

More than 20 teams applied for the first round of competition last month, proposing various ideas such as AI solutions to combat deepfake, photovoltaic system solutions, and AI license plate recognition solutions.

Ideas crafted through abundant experiences in the field received positive feedback. Such ideas include ‘Safe AI solution for parent care’, which can be used to identify the health and well-being of seniors who have health problems or care needs and ‘Photovoltaic solution’ which can provide the electricity to Surveillance cameras with solar energy at an environment where the installation of electrical devices are challenged such as mountains and the desert.

Other than new solutions, various ideas were submitted such as measures to standardize and simplify product installation or usage.

The ideas submitted by employees will be put to a vote by their colleagues. Then, the relevant departments will review their business potentials and the management will conduct the final judgement. Once selected as an official project, the winner will be given the opportunity to create a team and receive support for the infra and the expenses to develop the idea.

Hanwha Techwin will turn this event into annual from next year, not requiring any limitations for application of employees who want to submit creative ideas.

“We will nurture an open culture where employees’ creative ideas can be developed into business opportunities. I am confident this will lead to a virtuous cycle of employees making bold attempts with good ideas.” said Hanwha Techwin President & CEO SoonHong Ahn. “To solidify our leading position in the fourth industrial technologies such as AI, active participation of employees in the events like Inside-Techwinner is crucial. The company will offer full support so that our employees’ creative ideas can be translated into the company’s competitiveness.”

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