Hanwha Vision releases 4CH AI and IR multi-directional camera

Responding to the ever-evolving demands of surveillance, Hanwha Vision has launched the new 4CH AI and IR multi-directional camera. This state-of-the-art camera offers a cost-effective solution for 360° coverage with IR and AI-driven enhancements to deliver unmatched security performance, catering to diverse monitoring environments.

The 4CH AI and IR multi-directional camera can monitor multiple directions simultaneously without blind spots with a single camera. Each camera head can be individually positioned to monitor four different directions concurrently, ensuring a comprehensive 360° coverage. Further complementing its functionality, the camera’s integrated IR capabilities ensure clear visuals even in low-light conditions, enhancing its reliability. With 4K video clarity day and night, the camera also offers fine-tuned control over viewing angles and zoom for each channel.

Equipped with advanced AI algorithms, the 4CH AI and IR multi-directional camera can classify various objects, discern between genuine threats and benign movements, and trigger specialized alerts based on customized criteria, like loitering in a predetermined area or crossing a set boundary. These AI-driven enhancements will save security personnel countless hours with streamlined forensic searches, reduced false alarms, and tailored notifications of specific events.

The 4CH AI and IR multi-directional camera also offers a compact size and semi-modular design, reducing installation time and cost. This semi-modular approach allows for flexibility and adaptability to various installation scenarios. Moreover, with its user-friendly hinge, integrated installation plate, intuitive cabling, and clip–on module, the camera ensures a hassle-free setup for users.

To accommodate varied surveillance needs, the camera comes with a suite of additional features. These encompass AI-based noise reduction, motion blur reduction, bandwidth reduction, advanced LDC, seamless Wi-Fi direct connectivity, fortified cybersecurity, and reinforced durability. It is unmistakably the best combination of comprehensive video performance, intelligent monitoring, and easy installation that the market has seen recently.

“In the ever-shifting landscape of security requirements, Hanwha Vision is proud to unveil the 4CH AI and IR multi-directional camera,” stated a Andy Ryu, Head of Product Management from Hanwha Vision. “This innovation demonstrates our dedication to providing top-tier solutions that offer an unparalleled combination of coverage, intelligence, and convenience.”


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