Wisenet Smart Transportation Solution keeps passengers and crew safe in moving vehicles

Wisenet Smart Transportation Solution keeps
passengers and crew safe in moving vehicles
Wisenet Smart Transportation Solution keeps passengers and crew safe in moving vehicles
When it comes to major forms of transport such as buses, trains, and trucks, safety is the top priority in operations since these vehicles carry thousands of commuters and travelers as well as bulk luggage every day. Because of a recent rise in violent crimes committed within such vehicles such as molestation and assault, however, fears have increased among drivers and passengers. Calls are thus growing on the need for a security solution optimized for effective monitoring within moving vehicles. Yet, exposure to strong traffic vibration presents a challenge in offering a stable monitoring in such transportation.
To cope with this pressing issue, global security company Hanwha Techwin has released Wisenet X-series cameras (Wisenet XNV-6012M/6013M/6022RM) and NVRs (TRM-1610S/1610M) as a smart transportation solution. All these devices offer stable and powerful monitoring while withstanding strong vibration and temperature shifts in moving vehicles.
The Wisenet X cameras can capture superb 2MP high definition images, while their built-in gyro sensors offer stabilized images. Another standard feature is the 150dB wide dynamic range (WDR) technology, which provides clear and detailed video monitoring by adjusting the difference between indoor and outdoor light conditions. This allows recorded footage to be used as forensic data if an in-vehicle incident occurs.
In addition, the sound classification—an intelligent video analytics technology—sends an automatic alarm to the controller when abnormal sounds such as glass breakage, explosion or screaming occurs within a vehicle. This allows a quick response to and minimization of damage in the event of such an incident.
One of the best features of the mobile NVRs is that they are both EN50155 certified, an international standard set for railway applications covering electronic equipment used on rolling stock. EN50155 is a verification system ensuring suitability for deployment on trains and setting performance criteria for temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration. This prestigious certification proves that Hanwha Techwin’s mobile NVRs effectively provide uninterrupted and stable recording and transmission of videos even in environments subject to frequent shock and vibration. Their 4TB video data storage also allows real-time storage up to 16 channels. Even large-capacity videos can be stored, allowing longer-term video storage for image analysis and inquiry.
Also, Hanwha Techwin cameras and NVRs adopt M12 connectors, a European standard for mobile solutions, to ensure data can be accurately and reliably transmitted under severe conditions of extreme temperature, shock, and vibration without losing the connection.
A source at Hanwha Techwin said, “As transportation is one of the most important forms of infrastructure for people, a security system with high reliability is required to guarantee passenger safety at all times,” adding, “Hanwha Techwin’s smart transportation solutions thoroughly monitor passenger activity as well as the trackside conditions to make sure that both passengers and employees are safe. In addition, our integrated traffic control solution is effectively contributing to the development and advancement of a safe smart city.”

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