Hanwha Vision’s latest innovation, the SolidEDGE Camera revolutionizes video surveillance

Hanwha Vision, a leading provider of innovative security and video surveillance solutions, has launched the latest addition to its lineup, the SolidEDGE camera. This camera, which comes in two models, the PNV-A6081R-E1T and PNV-A6081R-E2T, is the first real Solid State (SSD) drive-based camera with an embedded server on the market. This unique and powerful combination of a server-less cloud-managed solution via Wisenet WAVE Sync and a camera with built-in SSD storage provides unparalleled performance and reliability for businesses of all sizes and industries.

One of the most significant benefits of the SolidEDGE camera is running the Wisenet WAVE VMS on the EDGE; in other words, a true server-less solution. In the world of video surveillance, there has been a growing need for a more efficient and cost-effective solution to ensure safety and security. Traditional video surveillance systems require a separate server to manage the cameras, events, record, and playback, which can be costly and time-consuming to set up and maintain. With the SolidEDGE camera, there is no need for a separate server, which could be a more cost-effective and practical security solution for businesses and organizations. This innovative system provides high-quality, reliable video surveillance without needing a complicated setup or scheduling OS and security updates.

The SolidEDGE camera runs on the embedded Linux operating system with a powerful hardware system on the edge, featuring a quad-core CPU, a dedicated encoder, and 4GB of RAM. But the real star of the show is the built-in Rugged Industrial-Grade SSD, which not only hosts the recording server but also stores the recorded video. This feature provides several advantages over traditional surveillance systems.

(1) The SSD hosts the recording of video, database, and WAVE installation files, ensuring that any incident is captured without any delay.

(2) It makes the system more reliable since there is no need to rely on external servers or cloud storage.

(3) The recorded video is more secure, as it is stored locally and is not susceptible to hacking or unauthorized access.

The SolidEDGE camera allows scalability and flexibility. As each EDGE camera can connect and record up to 5 additional cameras, organizations can easily expand their surveillance systems as their needs grow. In addition, it comes equipped with cloud video management using WAVE Sync, which enables users to remotely access and manage the surveillance system, keep the camera up-to-date, and seamlessly manage its video footage and data on-premise and from the cloud. This allows users to customize their surveillance system according to their specific needs easily.

The SolidEDGE security solution comes equipped with a host of key features that set it apart from traditional security solutions. Let’s take a closer look at each of these features.

Server-less Solution:

The SolidEDGE camera comes with a built-in rugged SSD drive that hosts the WAVE VMS server, which eliminates the need for a separate server. It also comes with two storage options that users can choose from: the PNV-A6081R-E1T model with 1TB SSD storage or the PNV-A6081R-E2T model with 2TB SSD storage, depending on their needs. This saves not only costs but also space and maintenance time, making it a practical and convenient solution.

Flexible System Structure:

Each SolidEDGE camera with Wisenet WAVE can add and record up to 5 additional cameras, bringing the total number of cameras per EDGE system to 6, including the SolidEDGE camera’s video stream. This enables users to customize and tailor the SolidEDGE cameras to meet their specific security needs, providing a customized and flexible system structure.

Cloud Video Management with WAVE Sync:

The SolidEDGE system architecture allows for the use of WAVE Sync, giving additional flexibility to the system. This feature enables remote access and management of on-premise security systems from anywhere in the world.

System Scalability:

The SolidEDGE camera can be scaled further by adding additional SolidEDGE cameras, providing additional flexibility to organizations looking to scale their video surveillance systems. The maximum bandwidth per server (camera) is 33Mbps and uses H.265 on the primary stream and H.264 on the secondary stream. This feature allows the system to grow with the user’s security needs without impairing performance.

SSD Status Management:

The built-in SSD drive of the SolidEDGE camera offers reliable storage for video data within a wide range of operating temperatures. The SSD status management feature provides information on the health of the SSD drive, ensuring the system is running smoothly.

Next-Level Cybersecurity:

The SolidEDGE camera uses a TPM 2.0 (FIPS 140-2 level 2) certified P series AI camera that validates the boot process, securely stores key information, and preempts hacking risk through unauthorized access blocking. This ensures the security of data stored in the system, protecting against unauthorized access and cyberattacks.

Reinforced Durability:

The SolidEDGE camera has been designed with reinforced durability features. The metal-shielded RJ-45 terminal and enhanced grounding frame structures protect the camera from transient voltage, including lightning and static electricity. In addition, the hard-coated dome bubble encapsulating the camera provides better resistance to scratches from external stimuli, preventing the degradation of resolution by minimizing the scratches.

Improved Weather Resistance:

The SolidEDGE camera has a built-in air vent that provides water vapor control. This prevents condensation and allows long-term use while maintaining performance.

To sum up, the SolidEDGE camera has proved to be a game-changer in the world of video surveillance. With a plethora of features, including the server-less solution, built-in SSD storage, flexible system structure, cloud video management, and enhanced cybersecurity, the camera has set a new standard in the industry. The SolidEDGE camera’s exceptional durability and weather resistance ensure the camera can withstand extreme conditions and provide uninterrupted surveillance. Overall, the SolidEDGE camera is ideal for organizations that demand a reliable, flexible, cost-effective, and advanced video surveillance solution. With unique features and advanced technology, the SolidEDGE camera offers unparalleled value to organizations of all sizes and industries.



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