“One Camera With the Capability of Two” Hanwha Techwin Releases Two-channel Multi-directional Camera

Hanwha Techwin,
Releases Two-channel Multi-directional Camera
“One Camera With the Capability of Two”

Global security company Hanwha Techwin announced on May 31st the release of its PNM-7000VD, a multi-directional camera boasting the capability of two surveillance cameras in a single body.
Hanwha Techwin Releases Two-channel Multi-directional Camera
Last year saw the release of the PNM-9081VQ, a four-channel multi-directional camera that allows a 360 degree range of surveillance. Thanks to the numerous positive responses received from the U.S. and beyond, Hanwha Techwin has launched another version, PNM-7000VD, to strengthen its product lineup.
The best feature of this new product is its ability to simultaneously monitor two areas through multiple angles by installing two camera lenses in one surveillance camera, which removes the need for multiple cameras in corners within buildings.
The selection of field adaptable fixed lenses comprises of 2.4, 2.8, 3.6 and 6mm according to the desired direction and viewing angle. By installing two 2.4mm lenses, monitoring up to 270 degree can be achieved, making it perfect for surveillance of large spaces such as parks, parking lots and shopping malls.
In addition, the full HD video feature enables clear and sharp monitoring. A comprehensive range of intelligent video analytics includes intrusion detection and motion detection, which help users to quickly respond in case of incident. The alarm quickly notifies the user of an intrusion based on virtual lines designated in places such as the doorway.
With the new PNM-7000VD, installation and management have also gotten easier and more convenient. Our users now have to install and manage just one single surveillance camera instead of multiple cameras to monitor multiple corner angles.
A Hanwha Techwin source said, “The key feature of our newly launched two-channel multi-directional camera is multi-angle monitoring with just one compact CCTV. The global market for video security has shown good responses to multi-directional cameras that can carry out the same workload as multiple cameras,” adding, “We’ll keep leading the global security market by introducing products that suit a variety of consumer needs based on the optical and chipset technologies we’ve accumulated for over 30 years.”

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