Hanwha Vision provides IP Audio System to elevate customers’ surveillance system



The IP Audio System brings a compelling new audio component to Hanwha Vision’s advanced surveillance systems, adding another layer of security for users.

The system can be independently operated as a standalone system and can be linked with a video surveillance system as an integrated solution to broadcast either real time or prerecorded messages to stop adverse situations before they occur.

To bolster security, users can input Text to Speech (TTS) messages that the system broadcasts as audio warnings to reduce incidents of criminal behavior in public settings. For example, if on a site with an ATM, while one person is using the machine, the surveillance system can detect if another person is hovering too close to them and issue an audio warning imploring them to maintain a more suitable distance.

For users monitoring borders or perimeter fences, IP audio system can issue warnings if potential infiltration is detected. If the system senses human activity that indicates a possible breaching of the fence, an audio message will play asking any nearby people to keep away. Such audio warnings can immediately and clearly communicate messages that maintain safety and security.

In retail settings, the IP audio system can help prevent theft. The system features a “dwell time trigger” that can detect a person in the retail space that lingers for a suspiciously long period, indicating the possibility of shoplifting.

In such cases, IP audio system can broadcast an audio warning instructing the person to seek assistance from a sales associate. The audio warning makes clear to any potential shoplifter that their behavior is under surveillance and any illegal act will be detected. These messages bolster security in a cordial and not aggressive manner, thereby allowing customers to continue shopping in peace and comfort.

Users can conveniently control when and how these messages are broadcast. IP audio system is easily integrated into a user’s video management system (VMS) and network video recorder (NVR), allowing users to select the camera they wish to use to program with an alarm event. They can also select the speaker they want the audio message to come from.

With a microphone, users also have the option of issuing live announcements to respond to spontaneous or unforeseen developments.

The choice is available for a female or male speaker to convey the message, in a number of languages. The messages come across smoothly, and not in a panicked or jarring tone. Users can oversee how the audio is functioning by checking the speaker’s status in the web viewer, with a graphic bar showing the speaker’s output signal.

The IP audio system uses speakers that fit seamlessly into restaurant and retail spaces that have various styles of interior decoration. The pendant-shaped speakers have a sleek appearance that can be hung from ceilings, while the SPA-B100B/W wall/cabinet speaker and the SPA-C110B/W plenum-rated ceiling speaker can be tucked away to blend into any setting.

The SPA-H100 is a stylish horn speaker with over 100dB SPL and can function in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Other audio products in the network include the SPA-M1000 IP microphone that enables paging using SIP protocol to any SIP audio device and live broadcast to IP speakers, the SPA-D1000 audio module that allows existing analog speakers to be controlled over an IP-based network, and the SPA-S1000 audio server that enables control of large speaker groups (over 512 devices).

In addition to security-related matters, the IP audio system can deliver background music as selected by the user. In a space like a cafe or restaurant, the system can bring a soothing and attractive musical backdrop to the setting, enhancing diners’ experience. In a bookstore or other such subdued environment, the system can pipe in calming music like piano or classical.

These options are easily configured, with built-in Amplifier All-in-one IP Speakers, and can be programmed with time specifications, such as the date and hour of the day. It can also stand alone, without needing to be combined with any other audio devices to perform as Audio System.

IP audio system can also bolster communication by broadcasting scheduled announcements to staff, students or customers. Using this system, in school settings, students can be informed of possible changes to their schedules, while customers in commercial spaces can be warned of a store or restaurant’s impending closing time.

The speakers have higher sound pressure level than power over ethernet-enabled speakers, boasting higher volume and quality. These systems are available for operations that range in size, with small to medium systems ranging from 1 to 256 speakers, and big systems from 257 to 512.


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