How to change DDNS server in SVR-440

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How to change DDNS server in SVR-440

There will be functionally disordered because of server congestion

If you have problems with DDNS server,please configure it as follows.

[A way to configure the DVR]
1.Select : Network&Serial Setup Menu , NETWORK Menu

[Select submenu and press ENT button]

[Change the domain name]

2. Move the cursor on the ‘DDNS SERVER DOMAIN ADDRESS’ and press ‘ENT’ button
3. Change the Domain Name from ‘’to ‘
and save it.( Notice : Only lowercase letters are allowed!!)

Before -,After -

[DDNS registration server]
1.Move on the DDNS registration server and register the domain name to be used before after joining as a member.: You can refer to the SVR-440 manual from page 45 through 50. (SVR-440 Manual view)

  • – Mac Address : Push the FAST button(▶▶) three times after booting and you’ll see Mac.
  • – Registration No. : Execute the Dynamic IP authentication program and get the authentication number.※DDNS server :
Genserial Program Download description about Genserial Program

2.After you finished the registration, you have to use a changed domain name to connect your dvr in the viewer like below.

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