Oil · Gas

Create a secure environment in which employees and business can thrive with Hanwha Vision’s Oil · Gas Solution.

Prevent major accidents, Hazardous areas and Main facilities

Explosion-proof cameras
  • Camera housings and enclosures designed to prevent potential sparks and explosions
Temperature monitoring for electric and machineries in high temperature operation
  • Thermal cameras offer round-the-clock temperature monitoring to prevent fire caused by high heat and trigger alarms when the temperature goes above the preset range to enable swift response
Nonstop monitoring and rapid response with intelligent analysis
  • Nonstop monitoring and rapid response with intelligent analysis
Precise monitoring with high resolution∙ high zoom ratio cameras
  • Precise monitoring with high resolution and high zoom ratio cameras for indoor facilities with high ceilings and low-light
  • Simultaneous monitoring in multiple directions with panoramic and multi-directional cameras for building exteriors

Manage large scale facilities with efficiency, Integrated disaster prevention center

Integrated disaster prevention center
  • Hanwha Vision ’s integrated surveillance solution provides simultaneous monitoring in large scale petrochemical/energy plants
  •  In case of fire, accidents or events, alarms are triggered immediately to enable rapid situation awareness and response
  • Integrated with various solutions (Thermal, access control, intrusion detection) offer easy operation and management of the entire system
Intelligent integrated control
  • Offering efficient control of large scale sites, intelligent integrated control utilizing motion/audio detection and AI technologies can minimize management absence and improve efficiency by enabling swift response to emergencies
Smart video search
  • Support various modes of video search as well as quick video search

Products for Integrated disaster prevention center​

Pipeline protection
  • 24/7 facility protection is required to prevent pipeline destruction, vandalism and oil theft
  • Day & night monitoring with high zoom IR cameras
Fire detection in pipelines
  • Thermal cameras, which monitor unusual temperature changes, ensure detection of pipeline oil leakage and fires and enable immediate alarm notifications and support rapid response to situations
Intrusion detection and access personnel monitoring
  • While monitoring entry and exit, AI cameras generate alarms when unauthorized persons are detected (moving objects other than people are not detected)
  • Virtual lines are set at exits to monitor suspicious activities such as loitering or unauthorized exiting

Minimize blind spots, Periphery areas

Abnormal entry/exit & intrusion monitoring
  • Virtual areas are configured at periphery areas to facilitate incident notifications in case of intrusion or abnormal activities
Day and night monitoring 24/7
  • IR PTZ Cameras with built-in wiper enable vivid monitoring for 24/7 minimizing the environmental influences
  • Remote inspections with high zoom cameras
Auto tracking of suspicious objects
  • PTZ cameras with auto-tracking feature can automatically track suspicious activities

Critical infrastructure of importing and exporting crude oil, Harbors

Round-the-clock recorded video offering high quality images regardless of the environment
  • PTZ cameras with built-in anti-vibration/defog, IR, and wipers deliver outstanding image quality day and night in the wind, sea fog or rain
Specialized cameras for ports and off-shore installation
  • The robust stainless steel cameras, which are highly resistant to corrosion and acid, are designed to be deployed in challenging environments with lots of moisture, wind and salt such as shipping and off-shore applications
Intelligent video analysis
  • Analyze video and audio of loading crude oil/gas and harbor areas
  • Immediate alerts are generated to central monitoring authorities in case of incidents such as fire and explosions, facilitating incident identifications and responses as well as to prevent major accidents

The beginning of access security, Vehicle entrance and Parking lots

Collect data of entering vehicles
  • License plate recognition solution records license plate information and exiting time
  • AI cameras can save vehicle data (Vehicle type, color, license plate), which can be utilized later when searching for certain events
Managing parking lot safety
  • Multi-directional cameras capable of omnidirectional monitoring with a single camera are suitable for identifying and tracking vehicles
  • IR sensor cameras offer clear monitoring at night

Hanwha Vision is the leader in global video surveillance with the world's best optical design / manufacturing technology and image processing technology focusing on video surveillance business for 30 years since 1990.