Hanwha Techwin certified for ‘Public IP camera security’ and ‘Intelligent CCTV solution’

Hanwha Techwin
certified for ‘Public IP camera security’ and ‘Intelligent CCTV solution’
Global security company Hanwha Techwin announced on the 8th that its security cameras have acquired Security Certification (Public Organization IP Camera Security Performance Quality – TTA Verified Ver. 1) from the Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) in Korea and Intelligent CCTV Certification (Intelligent CCTV Solution Performance Testing) from the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA).
Hanwha Techwin certified for 'Public IP camera security' and 'Intelligent CCTV solution'
The Security Certification is a system enforced by the TTA to verify the quality of security cameras at the government level and to recommend the use of superior-quality products as the need to enhance the security of CCTV cameras continues to be raised due to a series of hacking incidents. The TTA only awards this certification to products that have passed one hundred strict screenings in three areas: security, compatibility, and performance.
Hanwha Techwin’s two IP cameras—XNO-6080RG and XNP-6371RHG—have recently acquired certification. Through this accomplishment, Hanwha Techwin continues to prove the excellent security of its IP cameras and its standing as the leader of Korea’s image security industry.
Also, the Intelligent CCTV Certification system promotes competitiveness in the security industry and improved performance of intelligent CCTV solutions, which are increasingly adopting the use of IP-based networks. This certification is only granted to products after hundreds of tests and receiving a score higher than 90 points.
Hanwha Techwin proved the competitiveness of its intelligent image analysis solutions by acquiring Intelligent CCTV Certification. It earned higher scores than the standard in “Intrusion,” “loitering,” and “collapse” technologies based on deep learning.
“We’re really happy that our products and solutions were recognized and certified by the nation as having a high level of technology. We understand the growing importance of security throughout the world and that deep learning-based technology is becoming the industry trend. We’ll continue to provide the world’s best security service as a total security solution company that our customers can trust, and we plan to make another giant leap forward for the security industry.” a Hanwha Techwin stakeholder said.

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