Hanwha Techwin participates in “Intersec 2019”

Hanwha Techwin participates in
“Intersec 2019,” the largest security exhibition
in the Middle East region
Hanwha Techwin participates in “Intersec 2019”
Global security company Hanwha Techwin participated in “Intersec 2019,” the largest security exhibition in the Middle East. At the exhibition, held in Dubai(UAE) for three days from the 20th of January, the company showcased its latest inspiring range of products including its Middle-East-specialized solutions and AI solutions.
Intersec is an annual exhibition in which more than 1,300 global security companies participate to put their cutting-edge security solutions on show. The leading international trade fair is where all the up-to-date trends and technologies of the security market can be found under one roof.
In this exhibition, Hanwha Techwin hoped to emphasize its message under the theme of “Expansion of Secure Life.” To achieve this, the main focus was put on the implementation of core solutions and the construction of experiential booths for each exhibition zone—including the “Wisenet Technology Zone,” “Wisenet Middle East Zone,” “Wisenet Street Zone,” and the “Wisenet Infrastructure Zone.”
First, the Wisenet Technology Zone garnered global interest through state-of-the-art technologies such as the AI solutions that have kept pace with the Fourth Industrial Revolution era. These solutions incorporate Hanwha Techwin’s unique innovations that focus on safety, enabling immediate response to accidents as they transmit swift alarm signals based on intelligent video analytics. At the zone, the company presented demonstrations of behavior analysis that can detect not only unusual activities but also abnormal behavior such as a slip or fall using skeleton as well as safety helmet detection which uses deep learning algorithm to detect workers’ safety helmet wearing and create a safe working environment. Also put on display, the X Plus series proved to be a crowd-pleaser, as it offers greater convenience in installation and management with its modular design.
In the Wisenet Middle East Zone, Hanwha Techwin’s efficient round-the-clock monitoring system was highlighted with its Middle-East-specialized remote monitoring solution. This solution is especially useful for the Middle East region, as it enables video recording even in distanced areas with poor Wi-fi connection and lacking the appropriate network systems. A video security solution featuring Wisenet Retail Insight was also put on display. On top of security, this intelligent video security solution supports customers’ business operations via features such as People Counting, which counts the number of shop visitors by timeline, and Heatmap, which can be used to identify popular products.
In the Wisenet Street Zone, to highlight Hanwha Techwin’s technologies that provide seamless monitoring for various daily events, solutions such as anti-dust wiper housing and ANPR were introduced. Thanks to its special coating and built-in wiper, the anti-dust wiper housing enables precise monitoring as it keeps camera lenses clean from the dust and sandstorm of the Middle East region. In addition, the ANPR solution is ideal in managing single point access, collecting traffic data, and raising alerts on black-listed vehicles by detecting and reading vehicle license plates.
The exhibition at the Wisenet Infrastructure Zone also drew viewers’ attention as the optimized solutions for various infrastructure and industrial facilities, such as chemical, oil, gas, ports, and military sectors. The solutions showcased in the zone included explosion-proof cameras, stainless cameras, stitching solutions, etc.
In addition, Hanwha Techwin presented the full line-ups of Wisenet P∙X∙Q∙T series while stressing the importance of cybersecurity. To further strengthen its global position in the video surveillance industry, Hanwha Techwin pledged to reinforce cybersecurity as its importance has been growing in recent years with the advent of the IoT era. On the other side, the company’s global networks were highlighted, with an emphasis on having a R&D center and manufacturing based in HQ in South Korea and expanding its global networks over 16,000 partners worldwide.
A source at Hanwha Techwin said, “Intersec is of great importance to major industry players, as it is the very first video surveillance exhibition that marks the beginning of the year. We have showcased a wide range of products that well represents Hanwha Techwin’s technologies, including our revolutionary AI solutions and bespoke solutions for the Middle East.” Further adding, “We continue to place our highest value on providing customers with solutions they can trust.”
Hanwha Techwin participates in “Intersec 2019”

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