Hanwha Techwin, 30 years of journey continues with the Wisenet 7

Hanwha Techwin, 30 years of journey continues with the Wisenet7
30 years of Innovations and 7 Possibilities of tomorrow


In 1990, Hanwha Techwin took the first step into the video surveillance business with the launch of its first CCTV camera. The journey, which began from the analog camera, was a series of innovations going through a transition to the network system and the AI solution of today.

Let’s take a look at Hanwha Techwin’s past 30 years and the possibilities of future with its next-generation competences.

30 years of Innovations
Development of the first CCTV camera
In 1990, when even the term CCTV was somewhat unfamiliar with the public, Hanwha Techwin took the first step into the video surveillance business with the development of analog-system-based color CCTV. Starting with this, Hanwha Techwin launched Korea’s first Auto Iris lens, world-class ultra-low-light cameras, and high-performance WDR cameras. This made Hanwha Techwin a key player in the market with the innovative technology in analog cameras.

▲ Hanwha Techwin’s first CCTV manufactured in 1990, CCS-5 

2007 – 2019,
Transition from Analog to Network system, Challenges and Innovations
Although Hanwha Techwin had seen a commercial success with its analog products, changes in technology were fast. With the development of the internet, the use of electronic devices including the computers and mobile phones became popular and it led to the rapid growth of network video surveillance market as the digital communication became faster and easier. Along with the trend, customer’s demand for network systems which support fast and convenient installation began to grow.
Network products were completely different from analog products in the whole process from the development and system configuration to the quality test of finished products. Hanwha Techwin had the leading technology in the analog solutions, however, transition to the network system was a tough and demanding challenge.
Hanwha Techwin, with its optical and video processing technologies built on the basis of analog system, collected the voice of its loyal customers for the network product and launched the network product line-up in 2007.
Considering the effort put into the network products, the result was unsatisfying. But Hanwha Techwin never gave up. It continuously invested and focused on developing its own chipset, which it has held since its analog era of the past, and finally launched Wisenet3 network camera product line-up equipped with the 3rd generation of network chipset (System on Chip) Wisenet in 2013.

Under the circumstance where it is nearly impossible to develop the chipset without technological capabilities and large investment, it was the result of Hanwha Techwin’s efforts to secure competitive edge in products. And this became a turning point for Hanwha Techwin’s network products to make an impression in the market with incomparable performance. Since then, Hanwha Techwin has introduced the product line-up with upgraded next-generation Wisenet chipset and expanded the global video surveillance business with solid network product line-ups including high-end Wisenet P series, Wisenet X series with high performance, Wisenet Q series with reasonable price, and Wisenet T series for special environment.
7 Possibilities of tomorrow
Next Generation, Wisenet7
In 2020, Hanwha Techwin will present a new product lineup equipped with its 30 years of technology-intensive new chipset, Wisenet7.

Today, we live in an era of cutting-edge technology that is moving faster than ever before. Newly emerged technologies such as 5G, IoT, AI drive paradigm shifts in the global industry without threshold. Hanwha Techwin, which made a gradual transition from analog to network and left remarkable impression in the market, now stands at the cross-road of innovation again in 2020.

7 Possibilities creating the new paradigm

1) Cybersecurity
Wisenet7 offers end-to-end cybersecurity with the industry’s highest levels of cybersecurity policy with secure boot/OS/storage, a signed firmware/open platform app, secure JTAG and more. Hanwha Techwin established its own device certificate issuing system to embed certificates into the product not only in the development progress but also in the manufacturing progress.

2) New WDR technology for even clearer images in variable lighting
Wisenet7 offers forensic-level image by utilizing converged technologies. Dynamic Range has been maximized to reduce noise when composing the multi frames filmed in variable exposures. Newly adopted Scene Analysis technology helps the camera produce optimized WDR image. Moreover, by adopting the technology analyzing the backlight area of the image and enhancing the contrast, image became even clearer leading to a better object recognition.
3) Enhanced low-light performance
Wisenet7 analyzes and filters the motion data of moving objects in low-light environments and utilizes a new Noise Adaptive Algorithm to significantly reduce sensor noise in low-light conditions. These clearer images improve the results for object recognition performance in low light.
4) Improved Lens Distortion Correction
Wisenet7 corrects distortion caused by wide angle lenses. This delivers video quality more closely representing how humans see across a wide field of vision.
5) Easy installation with the modular product design
Wisenet7 cameras made the installation easier. With Wisenet7 cameras, efforts and time put into installing the cameras on the ladder can be dramatically reduced. The Wisenet7 product lineup adopted the magnet modular design of Wisenet X, which received praise for its easy installation.
6) All new PTZ – AI based Targeted Object Auto Tracking
Wisenet7 PTZ cameras supports Auto Tracking of detected objects such as vehicles and persons based on AI-based object detection. This results in more accurate surveillance of meaningful objects since previous technology tracked any moving object in the frame. Wisenet7 PTZ cameras are 30% more compact than the conventional models, and the installation became easier enough for a single person to install. (Wisenet7 PTZ Camera lineup to be released in 4th Quarter of 2020)
7) Enhanced operational efficiency with AI-based object detection
Motion detections of the conventional models were based on pixel movement and they caused frequent false event alarms. With Wisenet7’s AI-based object detection technology, cameras now recognize and classify the attributes of objects including people, faces, vehicles, and number plates. This dramatically reduces false event alarms and leads to more efficient operations. (Wisenet7 AI Camera lineup to be released in 4th Quarter of 2020)

Hanwha Vision is the leader in global video surveillance with the world's best optical design / manufacturing technology and image processing technology focusing on video surveillance business for 30 years since 1990.