Hanwha Vision launches AI Box ‘AIB-800,’ adding AI analytics into conventional cameras

Hanwha Vision, the global vision solution provider, announced the launch of AI Box ‘AIB-800,’ a tool that can convert installed video surveillance cameras into AI-enabled ones with no complexities.

AI Box is the most efficient solution for customers who have regular cameras and want to apply AI solutions to their existing system without additional investment. In addition to supporting Hanwha Vision cameras/encoders, it supports all cameras that support SUNAPI/ONVIF protocols up to 8 channels. It detects and classifies real-time AI analysis (people, vehicles, faces, license plate numbers etc.) at the best cost-effectiveness according to the resolution, capability, and performance of the camera.

Furthermore, it not only greatly improves the accuracy of video analysis but also supports the latest NVIDIA AI inference platform, providing the easiest and fastest entry into the AI platform for consumers who want to apply various AI solutions to their existing equipment.

Hanwha Vision’s AI algorithms can detect people and vehicles, significantly reducing false alarms and reducing storage and bandwidth. The AI engine video analytics detects and alerts objects crossing the virtual line in the specified direction. It can also detect the entry, exit, and duration time of any loitering within virtual areas.

The AI box seamlessly integrates with VMS (Video Management Software) from Milestone, Genetec, and Wisenet Wave. Operators can search AI events with various attributes from AI Box.​

A representative from Hanwha Vision stated, “We are pleased to launch an AI solution that allows customers who are used to monitor all videos from non-AI cameras to enhance operational efficiency through the use of AI features.”

Hanwha Vision is the leader in global video surveillance with the world's best optical design / manufacturing technology and image processing technology focusing on video surveillance business for 30 years since 1990.