Hanwha Techwin has successful showing at intersec 2022


Hanwha Techwin has successful showing at intersec 2022

hanwha at interrsec 2022

(February 4th, 2022) Hanwha Techwin successfully showcased a range of video surveillance solutions at Intersec Dubai 2022 in January, demonstrating the company’s leadership position in surveillance options built on cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.


From Jan. 16-19, around 2,000 participants visited the Hanwha Techwin booth in Dubai, showing especially keen interest in the Wisenet AI lineup zone, which exhibited the company’s AI-powered surveillance options.


Sparking particular interest was intuitive comparison between pixel-based motion detection of conventional models and AI-based object detection. Comparison of the two demonstrated how AI-based object detection reduces the number of false alarms, thereby increasing user convenience. Visitors came away with fuller understandings of the need for AI.


Also drawing positive attention from visitors was the application of AI to detection of slip-and-fall accidents presented in a video. We can delete that if you prefer. The edge AI analytics can detect such accidents with a high degree of accuracy. Another feature in the Smart City Solution Zone was RoadAI, which allows for fast and easy search of vehicle license plates, as well as details including vehicle make, model and color.


AI is also used to precisely tally the number of vehicles crossing the preset virtual line while classifying the types of vehicles, and detect when a car pulls over in the preset virtual area for a preset time, triggering an alarm. The High-speed ANPR camera uses a global shutter to accurately capture license plates from a distance, and double shutter, which alternates between short and long exposure, can capture both reflective and non-reflective license plate under any lighting conditions.


In its exhibition at Intersec Dubai 2022, Hanwha Techwin showcased products that are particularly suited to surveillance needs in the urban Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, including traffic detection, accident detection, and more. The features are tailored to meet the challenges of operators in the region’s cities.

hanwha at interrsec 2022

This product orientation and Hanwha Techwin’s successful showing at Intersec Dubai 2022 demonstrate the importance of the MENA region to Hanwha Techwin. “The Middle East market is highly important to us,” Sungjae Lee, managing director of Hanwha Techwin Middle East FZE. said. “We will continue our investment in developing customized AI solutions for the region.”

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