Q. I want to know systems that are supported by Wisenet mobile.

We support systems on which our company’s protocol, SUNAPI V.2.3.2, is installed.


PRN-4011, XRN-3010, XRN-1610S/1610, XRN-410S/810S, QRN-410/810 

XRN-3010A/2010A/2011A, XRN-1610A/1610SA


HRD-1642/842/442/443, HRD-1641/841/840/440

HRD-1642N/TE, 842N/TE, 442N/TE

HRD-1642N/KTU, SRD-1694U, SRD-1685/894/494

Wisenet P series
PND-9080R, PNV-9080R, PNO-9080R
PNF-9010R, PNF-9010RV, PNF-9010RVM
PNP-9200RH, PNM-9020V

Wisenet X series 
XNB-8000, XNO-8080R, XNO-8020R/8030R/8040R, XND-8080R, XND-8080RV, XND-8020R/8030R/8040R
XNV-8080R, XNV-8020R/8030R/8040R, XNB-6000, XNO-6080R, XNO-6010R/6020R
XND-6080, XND-6080R, XND-6080RV, XND-6080V, XND-6010/6020R, XNV-6080, XNV-6080R, XNV-6010/6020R

Wisenet Q series 
QND-7010R/7020R/7030R/7080R, QND-6010R/6020R/6030R/6070R
QNV-7010R/7020R/7030R/7080R, QNV-6010R/6020R/6030R/6070R
QNO-7010R/7020R/7030R/7080R, QNO-6010R/6020R/6030R/6070R
QND-6070RC, QNV-6070RC, QNO-6071R

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