Hanwha Techwin, Participates in IFSEC India 2017

Hanwha Techwin,
Participates in IFSEC India 2017

Global security company Hanwha Techwin participated in the International Fire & Security Exhibition and Conference (IFSEC) India 2017. IFSEC India is the biggest security exhibition in South Asia, and this year’s exhibition took place in New Delhi from December 6th to 8th.
Over 300 companies from 20+ countries including UK, USA, China, Singapore, Turkey and others participated to present and share cutting-edge technologies, industry best practices, trends, challenges, market insights and discover the best solutions to keep their business and clients secured.
Hanwha Techwin featured new products such as Wisenet P including multi-directional camera, Wisenet X, extraLUX, and also presented a railway solution in particular at IFSEC 2017.
Wisenet P series was presented with 4K resolution with panoramic image stitching view from a multi-directional camera. The multi-directional camera was also installed at the Hub-lounge introducing 4 channel monitoring at the site making it able to have all-around monitoring only with one camera.
Wisenet X series was presented as a main line-up which was launched globally on January of 2017. Especially the indoor compact PTZ compared with outdoor PTZ gathered great interest from the visitors for its compact size and excellent composition along with key features of WDR 150dB, image compression technology, WiseStream II, and image stabilization technology using gyro sensors.
extraLUX series, which has extreme low light performance, was presented in a dark room for visitors’ live experience. A simulation of crime event was played while visitors were passing through. When they exit, the extraLUX clearly showed what happened inside the room, making the people aware of the danger and risks in real life situation. Its F0.94 lens with 1/2″ CMOS sensor provide clear colored image monitoring even in extreme low-light environments, and the sens-I technology embedded in Wisenet 5 chipset provides noise-free images without an afterimage at any time.
In the meantime, the simulation of railway solution provided a unique experience to visitors. Followed by the recent announcement by the Indian Railways to install 35,000 CCTVs in 1,000 stations for women passengers’ safety, according to The Indian Express on June 10, 2016, Hanwha Techwin built a live experience booth for railway solution. Visitors experienced the DIS feature with gyro sensor which amazed them the most by providing stable images in moving and shaky rail. Also, various video analytics such as people counting, face recognition and object recognition provided extra performance beyond their expectation.
Hanwha Techwin expressed at that “Hanhwa Techwin will dedicate their efforts to building ‘Wisenet’ as a brand of trust that our clients can appreciate and depend on by developing outstanding products and solutions based on our core competitiveness and developing core technologies along with market trend changes.”


▲ Hanwha Techwin, Participates in IFSEC India 2017

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