Hanwha Techwin, unveils its Five New Thermal Cameras with High-Performing Imaging Quality

Hanwha Techwin,
unveils its Five New Thermal Cameras with High-Performing Imaging Quality
“Higher Resolution Even In Extreme Weather Conditions”

The 48th World Economic Forum has announced that extreme weather conditions are the world’s most prominent risks in 2018 through their most recent publication of Global Risks Report.
Hanwha Techwin’s new thermal cameras (from the left TNO-4030T,4040T,4051T)

▲ Hanwha Techwin’s new thermal cameras (from the left TNO-4030T,4040T,4051T)

However, mankind has always dealt with such risks by advancing technologies. Hanwha Techwin’s new thermal cameras (TNO-4030T,4040T,4041T,4050T,4051T) are the answer to meet the challenges of difficult weather conditions. These five new models boast high-performance imaging quality even in the most extreme weather conditions like pitch black darkness and the presence of airborne obscurities such as fog, especially at airports and seaports, or in areas where micro dust is so heavy that objects cannot be identified.
The new thermal cameras support 30fps per second with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, providing the ultimate clear image quality and correcting the haze of image edges or objects seen from a long distance, which are frequently-found problems in conventional thermal cameras. Hanwha Techwin’s new models are optimized to monitor outer zones, making them excellent for surveillance of outer zones or urban security in places with thick fog, such as seaports and airports, or in an environment where objects cannot be identified due to darkness at night, snow or rain.
Users can also choose an optimal model based on their preferred monitor range, thanks to the wide variety of lens sizes available. TNO-4030T,4040T,4041T supports 13mm and 19mm lenses, respectively, and 4050T,4051T support 35mm lenses. The latter has a reinforced function of long-distance monitoring that enables the detection of vehicles up to three kilometers away.
Also, WiseStream II, Hanwha Techwin’s exclusive video compressing technology, has significantly reduced the cost of the system by efficiently compressing the high-resolution image. The new models also include key features that enable real-time responses to an emergency through sound analysis function, which analyzes frequencies of the sound source and activates the alarm system when abnormal sound is detected.
Another impressive feature of the new camera models is their resistance to extreme weather environments. All new models have IP66 (dust,waterproof suitability) and NEMA4X (durability grade) ratings that make them ideal for use in any environment with extreme weather. In addition, TNO-4030T,4040T,4041T have the IK10 (internal shock) rating, which guarantees that these thermal cameras are protected from dust, heavy rain and snow and able to respond to shocks.
“As the world suffers from rising concerns over security issues as well as extreme weather conditions, as mentioned at the Davos Forum, the size of the thermal camera market is steadily undergoing annual growth.” Hanwha Techwin said, adding, “Our new thermal camera models, combined with their high-resolution imaging quality, offer outstanding performance in monitoring and are sure to set a global market standard.”
According to IHS Markit, a market research company, the global market for thermal cameras reached about USD 370 million in 2017 and is expected to show more than 14 percent of annual growth to eventually reach about USD 550 million by 2020. This would be the fastest growth sector in the video surveillance market.

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