Hanwha Techwin launches 4CH lens changeable Multi-directional camera

Hanwha Techwin,
launches 4CH lens changeable
Multi-directional camera

Global security company Hanwha Techwin launched a four-channel replacement-type multi-directional camera capable of 360-degree omnidirectional monitoring with a single camera.
The recently released PNM-9000VQ is a lineup product that is the successor of the four-channel multidirectional camera (PNM-9081VQ), which gained a lot of positive attention after being released last year. Its biggest advantage is that users can select each lens to adjust to the monitoring environment because it has a lineup of seven compatible lenses, including four 2-megapixel lenses and three 5-megapixel lenses.
It supports FOV of up to 94.8° (3.6mm). Each lens can be easily moved along the rail, so you can finely adjust long·short distance or FOV according to the characteristics of the monitoring area. Vertical monitoring is possible by separating the lens and installing the camera right in the middle.
In particular, it offers strong multi-streaming performance for delivering fast video transfers with minimal frame rate drops and delays, even if the feed is monitored simultaneously by multiple users. With the Wisenet 5 chipset based on Hanwha Techwin’s core technologies, it supports 150dB WDR backlight compensation for sharper video monitoring. It is also capable of intelligent video analysis on individual channels.
Hanwha Techwin’s WiseStream II proprietary video compression technology maintains a high-quality resolution while significantly reducing data size to increase the efficiency of system operation. It also reduces license costs using one IP, even with four channels.
It also acquired IP66 dust·water resistance certification and IK10 impact resistance certification. Privacy areas can also be set up to enhance the privacy feature, allowing all-weather video monitoring, even if installed outside.
“We expect users will be highly satisfied since they can enjoy a customized omnidirectional monitoring effect with just one camera and a wide selection based on various replacement-type lens options,” Hanwha Techwin said.

Hanwha Techwin launches 4CH lens changeable Multi-directional Camera4_PNM-9000VQ

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