Hanwha Techwin launches Wisenet ACS(Access control system

Hanwha Techwin,
launches Wisenet ACS(Access control system)

Global security company Hanwha Techwin launches Wisenet ACS (access control system).
Wisenet ACS consists of Reader, Controller, and Software. Through this system, it is possible to manage visitors, control access (can be linked with elevator), and manage diligence/indolence in buildings. Its special advantage is that the system is capable of integrated monitoring and control since it links with the fire control system and Hanwha Techwin’s integrated video management software called SSM (Smart Security System).
While the reader performs the role of recognizing the user information first, it adopts a biometric authentication method based on mobile device, fingerprint, and facial recognition using card, password, and Bluetooth.
The controller checks on the access permission based on the user information recognized from the reader to manage access control by zone. Wisenet ACS controller is able to save about 250,000 users and 100,000 events per controller.
A centralized, decentralized, or hybrid system configuration is possible, depending on the installed scale. The centralized controller, suitable for medium and large scale deployment, can connect with up to 64 readers per controller after connecting with up to 32 extension boards through RS-485 communication support.
The decentralized controller, suitable for small scale deployment, has a low risk of using the system during controller errors with its high system stability. It enables the simultaneous connection of communication and power with PoE support, thus reducing costs for building the system while providing for easy installation and maintenance.
“The real-time integrated monitoring and control of video/access/alarm events is made possible through perfect compatibility of the video security system and access control system. We will also be able to offer a system that reflects the latest market trend with the application of biometric technology and mobile access control feature,” Hanwha Techwin said.

Hanwha Techwin launches Wisenet ACS(Access control system)