Hanwha Techwin takes part in two internationally renowned security exhibitions

Hanwha Techwin takes part in
two internationally renowned security exhibitions

Hanwha Techwin takes part in two internationally renowned security exhibitions
Global Security company, Hanwha Techwin concurrently took part in two internationally renowned security exhibitions, Security Essen (Germany) and GSX 2018 (Las Vegas, USA) and fortified its position in traditionally strong image security market in North American and Europe as a total security solutions company.
Security Essen is the largest security device exhibition in Europe’s DACH region, and it marked its 23rd anniversary this year. This year’s expo was held from October 25th for four days and participated by over 1,000 companies from 40 countries.
Hanwha Techwin showcased multiple lineups from its Wisenet series, including Wisenet X, P, Q, and T, as well as multi-directional, thermal and scanning cameras.
Multi-directional cameras have more than two lens per one camera device, which means a single device can monitor multiple directions. This product was met with great welcome in North America since its launch last year. This year’s model, PNM-9320VQP, is equipped with 4 lens and 32x PTZ camera and received a lot of attention at the exhibition.

In addition, Hanwha Techwin prepared a dark room for the visitors to test the performance of its thermal cameras, which distinguish objects using infrared light. Since the exhibition is being held in Europe, where diverse modes of maritime transportation are used, it also showcased its scanning camera, which can help identify any damages to containers and trucks that frequently go in and out of sea ports.
GSX 2018 (Global Security Exchange 2018) opened for the first time this year, celebrating the legacy of ASIS, which held countless international seminars and exhibitions for the last 63 years. The exhibition was held from October 23rd for five days in Las Vegas, USA, and was participated by 550 companies and more than 20,000 security experts.
At the exhibition, Hanwha Techwin showcased the entire lineups of the Wisenet series as well as the Wisenet X Plus. This product enables easy installation and construction through modular design. Upgrades and services can be easily done by fixing only the necessary modules. Such features not only reduce the burden on installers, but also bring down the TCO.
A source at Hanwha Techwin said, “Europe and North America have been market leaders in image security and they represent the core market for many security companies. We were able to solidify our position in Europe by participating in Security Essen, and GSX 2018 will help us further increase our market share in North America, which is already on the rise.”

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