Hanwha Techwin, Newly Launches 99mm (3.9in) Super-compact Wisenet Q mini series

Hanwha Techwin,
Newly Launches 99mm(3.9in) Super-compact Wisenet Q mini series
, Newly Launches 99mm (3.9in) Super-compact Wisenet Q mini series
Video surveillance camera is an essential element for the effective security of retail stores since it helps prevent product theft and ensure the safety of employees and customers. In these days, the demand for such cameras among retailers has been growing sharply as they help store owners operate their stores more efficiently and it contributes to increased sales of retail stores through integration with business intelligence solutions.
Hanwha Techwin, a leading global security company, recently grabbed the industry’s attention through the release of new Wisenet Q mini series. This newly launching line-up is designed as 99mm(3.9in) super-compact sized, about 40% smaller than its predecessor. Thanks to this feature, Wisenet Q mini series perfectly blends into any interior while facilitating an effortless installation anywhere, even on a ceiling or a wall inside and outside of retail stores.
The Wisenet Q mini series comprises of four dome cameras (QND-6011/QND-6021/QND-8011/QND-8021) supporting 2MP·5MP resolution. As an expansion of the Wisenet Q series, this newly launching line-up adopts all the advantages of the previous Wisenet Q series while supporting essential video security functions at a reasonable price. Hanwha Techwin also plans to launch various types of Q mini series including fisheye cameras within this year to expand customer satisfaction.
This line-up features two lenses(2.8mm/4mm), which allow users to select and use one according to their desired direction and angle, while the ‘Hallway View’ enables vertically or horizontally oriented monitoring in long and narrow spaces of some stores, such as corridors and aisles. It also supports HDMI output (QND-8011/QND-8021) to help users connect directly to a monitor or TVs for public view while the ‘Open platform’ has strengthened connectivity with 3rd party companies.
Furthermore, the cameras are closely integrated with ‘Retail Insight’, Hanwha Techwin’s exclusive retail solution, for smarter selling is another key feature of these cameras. By integrating with ‘Retail Insight’, the cameras identify store congestion in advance and provide effective personnel management by analyzing the average number of customers and accumulated time spent in a specific area. Not only that, they analyze various store information (e.g. data from franchises) at once and produce useful reports for store management. Thus, it serves as a one-stop solution for operating stores more efficiently and contributing to sales growth.
A source at Hanwha Techwin said, “We expect a positive market response as the new cameras have improved ease of installation thanks to their compact design, while they encourage sales growth by providing analytical functions that enable intelligent store operations and management.” He added, “We also plan to bolster customer satisfaction in the market by continuously launching various Q mini series.”
Hanwha Techwin, Newly Launches  99mm (3.9in) Super-compact Wisenet Q mini series

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