Hanwha Vision’s 5CH AI Multi-Directional camera redefines 360 degree Surveillance with Smart Zoom

In today’s rapidly evolving security landscape, achieving a comprehensive view without sacrificing the granular detail is paramount. For security professionals aiming for this holistic perspective, Hanwha Vision’s all-new 5CH AI multi-directional camera emerges as an unmatched solution. With its 4CH AI camera delivering 360-degree coverage and the added prowess of the smart zoom function in its PTZ camera, the camera ensures full situational awareness with precision and AI-driven insights.

The 5CH AI multi-directional camera can monitor four different channels with the ability to automatically zoom into each channel for detailed views. Using this smart zoom feature, when a movement or a user-defined event is detected in one of the four 4K sensors, the connected PTZ camera will automatically zoom in up to 40x and track the object within the viewing area. The camera view can also be handed over to adjacent channels to ensure operators can continue to observe the target as it moves out of its field of view.

The four channels of the camera provide 360-degree coverage, and each of them is equipped with advanced AI capabilities. This means that beyond just capturing visuals, the camera can intelligently detect, analyze, and respond to activities in its view, allowing streamlined forensic searches, reduced false alarms, and customized notifications of specific events. This powerful combination of comprehensive coverage and AI-driven insights dramatically improves search efficiency and saves time and resources for security teams.

Once the camera is installed, the PTRZ remote adjustment feature allows users to adjust the camera settings, lens position, and viewing angle without being onsite through a web viewer. Operators no longer have to be physically present at the camera installation site for every tweak and minor adjustment, delivering unparalleled operational efficiency.

The 5CH AI multi-directional camera also excels in delivering clear visuals in night-time and low-light conditions. The camera boasts four independent IR zones with an additional dedicated long-rage IR for the PTZ camera. Users can manually adjust the intensity of each zone’s IR, preventing potential reflection issues from nearby objects. The 4CH cameras offer a comprehensive 360-degree IR viewable range of 20 meters, while the PTZ camera stretches its IR viewability to an impressive 200 meters. This ensures that no detail is missed, regardless of lighting conditions.

As the landscape of surveillance technology continues to transform, Hanwha Vision’s 5CH AI multi-directional camera emerges as a game-changer, seamlessly merging broad surveillance with detailed observation. Its smart zoom capability automatically bridges the gap between expansive views and focused scrutiny. With AI-driven, 360-degree coverage, the camera provides not just comprehensive vision but also intelligent insights. The result is an unprecedented level of operational efficiency, ensuring security teams save time and resources, thereby setting a new benchmark in surveillance solutions.


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