Hanwha Techwin showcases AI solutions at ISC West 2022


Hanwha Techwin showcases AI solutions at ISC West 2022

Hanwha ISC West

(March 29th, 2022) Hanwha Techwin, , a global supplier of innovative network and analog video surveillance solutions, has successfully participated ISC West 2022 held from 23rd-25th of March in Las Vegas, USA.

When several other companies have pressed pause on international promotions amid COVID-19,  Hanwha Techwin is amplifying its international presence in the US market by attending the event.

At ISC West 2022, Hanwha Techwin showcased new AI cameras and vertical specialized solutions enabled by AI Video Analytics under the themes of ‘Proven technology, Unrivaled performance, Trusted partner.’

The company’s latest surveillance camera series provide cutting-edge AI analytics based on a deep-learning technology. The advanced technology, which detects both people and vehicles, can even classify a people’s gender, age group, and color of upper and lower clothes, vehicle’s license plate, color, and type, providing meaningful information to users.

Also, variety of vertical solutions composed of AI cameras drew positive attention from visitors. Among them, the traffic solution ‘Wisenet Road AI,’ which swiftly analyzes not only vehicle’s type, color, license plate but also its brand and model, sparked particular interest. It allows users to easily search a vehicle from the video footage with collected attributes when car accidents occur.

For example, when users type in ‘Grey, Van, △△ Brand, □□ Model,’ Wisenet Road AI will provide the video footage of that certain vehicle is in. It can even track the vehicle if number of cameras are integrated in the network.

In addition, AI cameras covert the images of license plates into machine-readable text through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing, allowing users to easily and quickly search license plates by typing in the partial numbers or partial characters of the license plates.

In ISC West 2022, the company also revealed its first ‘Multi-sensor AI camera’ with the 2 lenses attached to a single camera body, each capturing 2 different directions in 2 different FoVs and the latest version of “WAVE,” a convenient and intuitive Video Management System.

“Products with distinctive features, and reproduction of the data collected from those products to provide users meaningful and useful information is Hanwha Techwin ’s ultimate goal as a solution provider” stated an official from Hanwha Techwin , adding, “We will continue to penetrate into the global market by developing variety of solutions that can meet verticals’ needs.”

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