Surviving the ‘With Corona’ Era with Hanwha Techwin’s Solution

Surviving the ‘With Corona’ Era with
Hanwha Techwin’s Solution

With the cumulative number of confirmed cases worldwide surpassing 150 million and the number of new cases reaching a record high, the COVID-19 pandemic has on the rise again. The prolonged pandemic has become part of our life, changing many of our daily habits. The zero-contact, contactless and social distancing practices as well as mask-wearing and hand sanitization have become the new norms. In other words, we have entered the “With Corona” era during which we practice everyday preventive actions.

Preventing and containing the spread of an infectious respiratory disease like COVID-19 requires rigorous quarantine management. Amid the prolonged pandemic, however, mounting fatigue over continuous management and monitoring of COVID-19, the shortage of quarantine workers, and other issues have surfaced, raising the need for a zero-contact, contactless and automated control system to detect those not wearing face masks or with elevated body temperatures.

Against this backdrop, Hanwha Techwin, a global security leader, has launched “COVID-19 Solution”, an automated quarantine system based on advanced AI video analytics. The zero-contact and contactless solution offers a range of features from “Social Distancing Detection” and “Face Mask Detection” to “Occupancy Monitoring Application” to support COVID-19 quarantine efforts, minimizing physical interaction between people and facilitating a prompt and efficient quarantine system.

“Temperature Detection with Thermal Camera (TNM-3620TDY)” utilizes edge-based AI technology to detect human faces, improving monitoring accuracy and efficiency. This bi-spectrum, multi-channel camera can recognize objects and accurately measure body temperatures. It serves two modes: Estimated Body Temperature Mode for epidemic control and Normal Radiometric mode for facility monitoring and security enhancement.

For “Social Distancing Detection”, AI cameras accurately monitor the proximity of people and automatically trigger alerts when thresholds are passed. Through speakers, monitors or other alarm devices connected to them, the cameras detect violations of preset distance and send out instant notifications for quarantine compliance.

“Face Mask Detection” is a feature in which deep learning-based cameras precisely detect if people are properly wearing face masks. It identifies uncovered or partially exposed faces or mask spoofing attacks, and triggers instant event alarms to generate warning messages through compatible speakers or alarm devices.

“Occupancy Monitoring Application” monitors the occupancy level in real time through AI cameras with edge-based AI video analytics, allowing users to effectively maintain safe occupancy levels of premises. This application displays a “Wait” message along with the number of people currently inside when the maximum occupancy of an area is reached. For example, if the safe occupancy level is no more than 20 people, the twenty-first visitor will receive the alert, restricted from entry, and up to 8 entrances/exits can be managed simultaneously.

Such features are offered through Hanwha Techwin’s AI camera, and Hanwha Techwin is making continuous efforts to provide solutions for the safer “With Corona” era through the latest AI technology.

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