[Partnership]Hanwha Techwin and Veracity

Hanwha Techwin (formerly Samsung Techwin), the globally renowned manufacturer of video surveillance is introducing a low power, high capacity storage solution in partnership with Veracity. The solution encompassing the latest generation of high definition Hanwha Techwin’s cameras, SSM video management software and COLDSTORE storage, offers the most efficient direct to storage system available and does not require a network video recorder.

LINKLOCK™ which is exclusively available from Hanwha Techwin, provides a total barrier to all unauthorized network access by fully blocking external IP connections to any cable or equipment that has been tampered with or disconnected.

“The partnerships we have established with specialist technology providers such as Veracity are a key component of our ongoing major investment in R&D. They are a clear demonstration of our

commitment to offer market leadership and provide end-users with a total security solution,” said Mr. Cheol Kyo Kim, President & CEO of Hanwha Techwin Co. Limited.

“Our cameras and sophisticated, professional level SSM video management software when supported by COLDSTORE, deliver a truly impressive and unique solution known as TRINITY™. It is an excellent example of how, by working in harmony with our technology partners, Hanwha Techwin has become a one-stop-shop for video surveillance solutions.

“This global marketing partnership will enable us to jointly raise awareness of a low power, high performance solution, which gives installers and systems integrators a competitive edge. It also offers end-users a highly cost effective complete video surveillance system that takes full advantage of our open platform, high definition camera technology and minimises TCO (Total cost of ownership).”

The global marketing partnership, was formalised at a signing ceremony at Veracity’s UK head office in Prestwick, Scotland, on 6th April, 2016.

Worldwide Open Platform Opportunities The TRINITY™ solution takes advantage of the processing power of Hanwha Techwin’s WiseNetIII open platform cameras, which enables them to simultaneously run multiple specialist video analytics applications, as well as Veracity’s award winning COLDSTORE ‘direct-to-storage’ recording solution.

The solution provides users with a robust and scalable system which does not require a server or network recording device. Despite its simplified architecture, it is able to support audio and metadata as well as video, whilst offering innovative features such as camera-level fail-over and resilience to network interruptions.

“I am delighted that Hanwha Techwin has chosen to work closely with us to promote worldwide innovative video surveillance solutions that capitalise on ground breaking technology,” said Alastair McLeod, Veracity’s Group CEO. “TRINITY™ delivers what we believe is the most power efficient, reliable and complete surveillance recording solution available today.

“We expect there to be increasing worldwide opportunities for Hanwha Techwin video surveillance solutions and products such as LINKLOCK™ and TRINITY™ to be specified for the same application. This has already happened with a number of large projects jointly won or in the pipeline across a wide range of market sectors, including city surveillance, housing, youth hostels, hospitals and gas stations.”

Hanwha Vision is the leader in global video surveillance with the world's best optical design / manufacturing technology and image processing technology focusing on video surveillance business for 30 years since 1990.