Hanhwa Techwin launches 4K IR Fisheye Cameras

 Hanhwa Techwin launches 4K IR Fisheye Cameras


Global security company Hanwha Techwin is launching a 9 megapixel 4K ultra high definition network IR Fisheye camera series.

The newly launching Fisheye cameras, PNF-9010R/9010RV/9010RVM, supporting 25fps at 9 megapixels and up to 20fps at 12 megapixels (4000×3000), provide very clear and detailed images for monitoring even when greatly enlarged. As fisheye cameras, the new series offer 360° surround view, and with various view modes available, they can be used flexibly in many different surveillance environments.

Also, the Simple Focus function makes it very easy to adjust lenses for focus settings in the installed camera. This function is useful when the focus point of an outdoor camera is warping due to temperature difference, impact, or vibration. The focus can be finely tuned easily by using the Simple Focus button.

People counting and Heatmap functions allow users to analyze and optimize store layout in retail shops, etc., and provide useful information for analysis of store customers.

In addition, the built-in IR LED provides illumination up to 15m under low-light situations, and with True WDR 120dB and IP66/IK10 (PNF-9010RV/9010RVM), it delivers stable surveillance with clear images in any conditions, including backlight and any outdoor environment.

(*PNF-9010RVM supports M12 connector)

Hanwha Techwin says that their new 4K IR Fisheye Camera Series PNF-9010R/9010RV/9010RVM enable ultra HD monitoring and efficient surveillance with a single camera, and can satisfy the customer’s needs in specific markets.


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