Hanwha Techwin launches 16CH 12M Mobile NVR

Hanwha Techwin
launches 16CH 12M Mobile NVRs

Global security company Hanwha Techwin is launching TRM-1610S/M 16-channel mobile network video recorders, and SSM Transportation, an integrated transportation control software.

These new products provide solutions optimized for the management of vehicle movement. They allow users to reliably record and monitor video, even inside mobile vehicles including trains and buses, enabling users to check and respond to the situation in real time.
TRM-1610S supports RJ-45 connectors and TRM-1610M supports M12 connectors and the NVRs are designed for vehicles for on-board monitoring. Videos of up to 12-megapixel resolution can be recorded and transmitted at 128Mbps. It is also capable of operating in temperatures of -40°C, so it is capable of operation through changes in the seasons and weather. Its fanless design provides enhanced reliability and cuts costs for maintenance and repair. Another significant advantage is that it supports GPS data recording and Google Maps, allowing users to effectively monitor the vehicles based on their location data.
SSM Transportation is an integrated traffic control software that provides real-time monitoring of vehicles in motion. The data sent from the storage device installed in the vehicles include GPS information, which can be used to quickly determine the vehicle’s route and current location. The real-time alarm and vehicle status alarm features allow users to detect events occurring inside vehicles and use remote access for a fast response. In addition to the existing manual backup support, it supports automatic backup in permanent storage devices via Wi-Fi to prevent loss of recorded footage due to human error. It also allows searching for various events and provides cluster support for integrated management of multiple sites.
A representative at Hanwha Techwin said that “These new products should ensure seamless monitoring on the road to protect the safety of citizens.”

▲ Hanwha Techwin TRM-1610S, TRM-1610M, SSM Transportation

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