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Hanwha Techwin launches Compact 2CH Multi-directional Camera

2018.04.19 0
Hanwha Techwin launches Compact 2CH Multi-directional Camera

Global Security Company Hanwha Techwin is launching 2 Megapixel compact 2CH Multi-directional camera 7000VD.
The new camera offers various lens options (2.4/2.8/3.6/6mm) and supports a wide angle up to 135° (2.4mm) allowing users to select the ideal lens according to their monitoring environments. Monitoring a location with 2 lenses from different angles allows free monitoring of blind spots. It also supports vertical and horizontal hallway views, offering great utilization in various environments including hospitals, schools, and retail stores.
In particular, it offers strong multi-streaming performance for delivering fast video transfers with minimal frame rate drops and delays, even if the feed is streamed simultaneously to multiple users. With the Wisenet 5 chipset based on Hanwha Techwin’s core technologies, it supports 150dB WDR backlight compensation for clearer and sharper video monitoring. It is also capable of intelligent video analysis on individual channels.
Hanwha Techwin’s proprietary compression technology WiseStream II maintains the high quality resolution while significantly reducing data size. It also features IP66/IK10 protection, enabling all-weather outdoor monitoring.
Furthermore, the lens module with integrated camera sensor structure eliminates the need for manual adjustment of the lens focus. Improved privacy protection is ensured through the privacy protection settings, and the monitoring capabilities with various browsers, as well as plugin-free capabilities, eliminate potential security vulnerabilities.
Hanwha Techwin stated that, “The compact size and easy installation make PNM-700VD a multi-directional camera with easy user access, and we expect it to have great demand because it can offer full-range surveillance in various environments.”

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