Dragonfruit announces technology integration with Hanwha Techwin 

Dragonfruit announces

technology integration with Hanwha Techwin



Dragonfruit and Hanwha Techwin partnership opens

flexible end-to-end solution for multi-location enterprises



INDIA: 30th June 2022: Dragonfruit, a global provider of the industry’s first massively scalable video AI platform, is pleased to announce its partnership with Hanwha Techwin, a global supplier of intelligent video surveillance solutions. The two companies are helping solve real-world challenges such as detecting liquid spills, fire and smoke, and safety equipment by combining Dragonfruit’s cloud VMS and advanced AI platform with Hanwha Techwin’s industry-leading cameras.


Overview & Integration Purpose

The Hanwha Techwin and Dragonfruit combined solution covers the full edge-server-cloud configuration for physical security. Dragonfruit integrates with Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet camera series P, X, T, Q, L via a seamless auto discovery mechanism. The cameras are connected to the Dragonfruit AI Frontier M1-powered base station, and data is ingested into the Frontier platform for video management and advanced AI analytics.



Together, Dragonfruit and Hanwha Techwin have been able to solve complex AI challenges for customers. Some recent examples include:

  • A retail chain wants to understand traffic patterns around newly-installed kiosks.
  • A large distribution company wants to protect their outdoor inventory.
  • A nationwide retailer needs to monitor liquid spills to prevent customer or employee injury.



The end-to-end Hanwha Techwin and Dragonfruit solution is helping customer solve these and other challenges:

  • Hanwha’s XNF-9010RV fisheye camera provided input for Dragonfruit’s occupancy management suite to calculate traffic patterns around the kiosks – including occupancy metrics, dwell times, counts, and heat maps.
  • Strategically placed Hanwha’s XNO-6120R bullet cameras combined with an advanced AI model from Dragonfruit solved the difficult challenge of detecting and alerting on outdoor smoke and fire to protect inventory.

Installing Hanwha’s PNB-A9001 box cameras in store aisles enabled Dragonfruit to detect liquid spills and send real-time alerts to store employees for prompt cleanup.


Early recognizing a cutting-edge ecosystem partner and working together ahead of product launch towards customer’s specific pain points and need for useful AI features has been finally secured. Our collaboration at various phases over last one year in VOC analysis, product engineering & integration, testing & validation has resulted in a successful endeavor & I am hopeful that with Hanwha Techwin vast product lineup as it continues to further expand, our reach to end users, consultants and system integrators will be much more effective to solve their real ground challenges.” stated, Soumik Ghosh, Head of Product & Marketing, Hanwha Techwin, India



“At Hanwha Techwin, our early adoption to AI based surveillance solution has given us an advantage to be a front runner in delivering the perfect blend of edge, On premise & cloud based AI solution to our customers. Our collaboration with distinctive Dragonfruit AI on-premise and cloud based AI Solution is proof to our commitment to deliver smart analytics for our customers.

stated, Ajay Dubey, Country Manager, Hanwha Techwin, India




Dragonfruit AI is the first integrated solution for forward-looking multi-location enterprises, offering everything from video monitoring to advanced AI, all in one package,” stated Amit Kumar, Founder and CEO, Dragonfruit.
“By leveraging Hanwha Techwin’s extensive camera line we’re able to provide an open, flexible, end-to-end solution and help customers more easily manage their video while also solving their most challenging problems.”




Media Contacts:
For Dragonfruit

Padma Duvvuri, contact@dragonfruit.ai


For Hanwha Techwin

Soumik Ghosh, Soumik.ghosh@hanwha.com



About Hanwha Techwin:

Hanwha Techwin is a subsidiary of Hanwha Corporation, a South Korean based company. Hanwha Techwin offers total security solutions which encompass cameras, recording solutions, video management software and compression technologies. Hanwha Techwin has solidified its leadership position in security solutions by building self-developed SoC chipset along with the optical, manufacturing and image-processing technologies accumulated over 30 years. Now, Hanwha Techwin is preparing for the future by continuously investing in AI and cyber security in order to provide convenient and safe security solutions to customers. With the representative brand, Wisenet, Hanwha Techwin will strive to serve security solutions that customers can trust.

For more information about Hanwha Techwin, please visit our website www.hanwha-security.com.

About Dragonfruit:

Dragonfruit is the industry’s first massively-scalable video AI platform, combining consumer-grade usability with enterprise-grade capability. Our patented, award-winning technology delivers the most advanced AI analytics, deeply integrated with cloud video management. The cloud-native solution is designed for bandwidth-constrained environments, and powers instant-on advanced analytics priced by consumption. Our flexibility, customizability, and effortless deployment help companies seamlessly transform their video data into business intelligence. Dragonfruit has offices in the US, India and South Africa, and has raised $10MM in venture funding from Foundation Capital and other investors.

For more information about Dragonfruit, please visit http://www.dragonfruit.ai

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