AllGoVision’s Video Analytics Integrates with Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet Cameras

AllGoVision’s Video Analytics Integrates

with Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet Cameras

Combined offering to address key need of customer’s demand for best-in-class solutions


INDIA, 21st SEPTEMBER 2022:  AllGoVision Technologies, a global leader in video analytics, and South Korean camera major Hanwha Techwin have successfully integrated AllGoVision’s latest AI & Deep Learning powered Video Analytics software with Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet series of Cameras & VMS. This combined offering is expected to address key needs of the video analytics market’s rising demand for comprehensive, best-in-class solutions.

Hanwha Techwin is a global supplier of video surveillance products & its WISENET branded cameras are the market leader due to its high performance, quality and value. WISENET edge analytics network cameras are integrated with AllGoVision Technologies platform using its popular integrated monitoring solution – WISENET SSM.

The feature-rich AllGoVision video analytics software consistently delivers accurate results. Its open platform allows it to integrate with a choice of VMS and cameras which enables it to seamlessly provide analytics to multiple industries. It provides clients real-time alerts, actionable insights and reports that help take quicker and intelligent decisions.

With Hanwha Wisenet series of cameras & SSM integration, AllGoVision Video analytics software now finds applications in all types of businesses such as traffic, retail, and industrial segments, where it is used for reading license plates, monitoring vehicle movement patterns, preventing traffic law violations, detecting and preventing intrusion and vandalism attempts, identifying and recognizing a human face in camera view, reduce crowding and much more.


How Does AllGoVision’s VA Software and Hanwha Techwin’s Cameras & Wisenet SSM VMS integration work?

The AllGoVision software evaluates the contents of video feed from Hanwha SSM VMS to determine the specific information about the video contents captured by the Hanwha cameras. The product analyses rapidly the video for specific data, behaviour patterns, tracking movement of people/objects in specified monitoring zones. Security alerts are sent to the Hanwha’s SSM VMS, while data analytics are sent to a command-and-control centre for unified reporting & business intelligence.

Reacting to the development K Srinivasan, Director & CEO, AllGoVision Technologies said, “We are delighted with our association with Hanwha, one of the leaders in the video surveillance industry. The combination of market leading video analytics from AllGoVision, coupled with the camera and VMS from Hanwha, positions us well to win in the fast growing segments of transportation, industrial and retail verticals.”

The integration brings to customers a software platform with features supporting Video Storage and Management addressing various Safety, Security and Behaviour Analytics requirements. ANPR, one of the key analytics features along with other traffic enforcement and management features see a wide deployment from Safe city initiatives to smart access control and toll booth management to parking management. Combined with Face Recognition (FR) the solution enables a new level of security through Multi-Factor Authentication.

Acknowledging the development that would impact all businesses positively, the Head of Products & Marketing, India Region, Hanwha Techwin, Soumik Ghosh said, “Wisenet series of surveillance products and VMS are leaders in the market and are well-known for providing efficient performance, high resolution and highly reliable premium technologies worldwide for over 30 years. With our association with AllGoVision, we are confident of delivering a superior  brand experience to customers.”

According to Aji Anirudhan, Global Head – Sales & Marketing, AllGoVision Technologies, “Our AI-based enterprise-ready software makes the entire process of surveillance more efficient with real-time alerts, metadata search, actionable insights and reports using Deep Learning Algorithms. We have developed the software with flexible integration architecture making the system adaptive to complementary software and hardware components with support for customization.” With applications in verticals such as Smart Enterprises/Facilities/Critical Infrastructures, Smart cities & Transportation, focusing on enhancement of Business Intelligence, Business operations, Safety & Security, AllGoVision solutions have been protecting people and assets since 2009.

According to Ajay Dubey, Country Manager, Hanwha Techwin, India Region “Our focus and commitment has always been dedicated towards providing our customer world class Video Surveillance Solutions, Collaboration with AllGoVision is special as it helps us to deliver high precision latest AI & Deep Learning Based Video Analytics to our customers”

Hanwha Techwin has solidified its leadership position in security solutions by building self-developed SoC chipset along with optical, manufacturing and image-processing technologies accumulated over 30 years. It is part of the Hanwha Group, which is a Global Fortune 500 company and among the top most conglomerates based out of South Korea.


Media Contacts:

For AllGoVision

Aji Anirudhan, aa@allgovision.com

For Hanwha Techwin

Soumik Ghosh, soumik.ghosh@hanwha.com


About Hanwha Techwin

Hanwha Techwin is a subsidiary of Hanwha Corporation, a South Korean based company. Hanwha Techwin offers total security solutions which encompass cameras, recording solutions, and video management software and compression technologies. Hanwha Techwin has solidified its leadership position in security solutions by building self-developed SoC chipset along with the optical, manufacturing and image-processing technologies accumulated over 30 years. Now, Hanwha Techwin is preparing for the future by continuously investing in AI and cyber security in order to provide convenient and safe security solutions to customers. With the representative brand, Wisenet, Hanwha Techwin will strive to serve security solutions that customers can trust. For more information about Hanwha Techwin, please visit our website www.hanwha-security.com.


About AllGoVision

AllGoVision Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is one of the leading Video Analytics companies globally. It provides advanced Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence based video analytics solutions. The company was started as a product unit in 2009, and became an independent entity in 2016. With successful installations in more than 30+ countries with the help of 100+ Channel Partners, AllGoVision has become a reputed name worldwide. Headquartered in Bangalore, the Silicon City of India, AllGoVision also has a presence in USA, UAE and Egypt. For more information, please visit our website www.allgovision.com.


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